2g scam

 2g rip-off Essay



fter having protected and supported the previous

Communications Ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) A. Rajadura to the hilt,

Congress superior Smt. Sonia Gandhi has

come out with a very moral lecture on file corruption error and

greed. Such sounds coming from the living area of corruption,

as Our elected representatives has now turned out to be recognized, seem

only hollowed out and hypocritical. Congress-led UPA government has been around power at this point for over six-and-a-half years. Their record on fighting corruption is gloomy. On

the other hand, in the latest avtar as UPA-2 all it includes

done is merely to promote and protect corruption. The

alternate day surfacing scams are a evidence of this truth.

What an irony which a person who should have told the

people what her get together and government has done, in

concrete, to fight problem should be pontificating on

the requirement to fight file corruption error. Instead of carrying out anything,

she's just providing an moral sermon to the people.

Barely a week passes once no fresh scam and

scandal of corruption including Congress high-ups

does not surface. In October-November this year a few new

scams - the Commonwealth Games, Adarsh Housing

and 2G spectrum -- have brought up their brain like risky black cobras out to poison the very lifestyle of our democracy.

We are developing a guide (with several pages

in Hindi) describing how the reasonable name of the republic

continues to be smeared by Congress with these unattractive incidents. It includes reports of scams, thoughts and opinions of frontrunners and writers as also editorial responses to make the readers appreciate the issues involved. Our company is sure they will be able to generate their own independent judgement

in what is incorrect with the present government.


Bharatiya Janata Party

14, Ashoka Road, New Delhi

November 2010

Congress is usually fabulously abundant

with scams

By Prabhat Jha


ongress-led UPA-2's birth in May 2009 is actually not ominous

pertaining to the nation. It seems like to have considered birth using a spoon in the mouth not of sterling silver but of scams. That is why hardly a

month is long gone during the last 1 . 5 years when a new scam or perhaps case of corruption have not surfaced putting both the Our elected representatives and the land to shame. UPA-2 provides broken most records of scams in so short a time that it qualifies to work even in the Guinness Publication of Records for this rare achievement.

Devoid of going into the details of the black spots of Congress's 1 . 5 years in the present term, the UPA-2 rule throughout the months of September-October 2010 has to the credit 3 scams Commonwealth Games, Adarsh Housing as well as the 2G variety. Added to this is another first: initially in our record a sitting down Prime Minister has been built to file an affidavit on his behalf in just about any court.

It really is futile intended for the Congress to attract sustenance and claim

innocence in the sins against the land committed by Shri A. Raja. It doesn't behove a chief minister to say ignorance of what his minister has been doing under his very nose. Equally in vain is the make an effort of Congress President, Smt. Sonia Gandhi claiming a higher moral earth by speaking against the " cancer of corruption" that may be putting in threat the very basis of an independent India. She spoke of the need for " higher probity", visibility and openness in

governance. " Our moral world seems to be shrinking" and " graft and greed take the rise". It is darn easy to preach as hard it is to practice that. Within the high altitude of morality her Congress motivated and determined by her stands on the lowest zero of ocean 1

A government from the scams, by the scams, for the scams

level. The UPA credit score on these kinds of points over the last 80 weeks of governance has been a big zero. The recurring scams prove the idea. But what offers she on the organizational and governmental level done in this direction? Her score on these types of points during the last 80 months of governance has been a big zero. The recurring scams prove the idea. The Congress supremo should understand that he was in electricity for such a long time, what people anticipate of her is not 'holy'...