A Misunderstanding Punishment of Oedipus Ruler of Thebes

 Essay about A Misconception Punishment of Oedipus King of Thebes

In numerous plays a character could have a misconception of his or her globe. In return this might destroy a significant turning point in the story. " Oedipus Rex” by Sophocles is certainly one of such history. At the end in the story Oedipus King of Thebes winds up banished forever from his kingdom. In addition , Oedipus bodily puts out his own eyes, for several causes which will be talked about later. Fit: Did Oedipus deserve his punishments? There are numerous factors that needs to be considered in answering this, including just how Oedipus himself felt about this situation. His blinding was as much emblematic as it was physical pain. In the end factors had been considered, I believe that only Oedipus' banishment was the necessary consequence. It is important to bear in mind the whole standard reasoning pertaining to Oedipus' seek out Laios' killers: he wished to put an end to a deadly trouble, and that problem would only be stopped when said murderer is slain, or driven from the terrain (Sophocles 723). Consequently, when it is revealed that Oedipus himself murdered Laios, then simply banishment appears to be the only option. Death, in my mind, is certainly not valid mainly because of what it might do towards the kingdom's people. Even though it appears that Oedipus is actually not a particularly good monarch, the truth is his just major accomplishment seems to be getting rid of the Sphinx all those years back; having a california king put to death could have significant repercussions around the rest of the kingdom. So eventually, the only way to cure the affliction and maintain the kingdom stable seems to be the banishment of Oedipus. In this instance, the question of whether or not or not really he well deserved to be reprimanded seems irrelevant; Oedipus' only goal was to stop the challenge and by giving, he offers accomplished that goal. Exile was the simply choice. But you may be wondering what exactly was Oedipus getting punished to get? Even following re- browsing the play, this continue to seems to be a gray area. Incest? Immoral to be sure, although Oedipus was obviously unaware to his actions, and to my...

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