Alice Master the Blossoms

 Alice Master the Blossoms Essay

Christian Krog 2 . T 2011

The Flowers

By Alice Walker

As we enter the universe of Alice walker, we all meet Myop, a little (black) girl just ten years aged. She is the primary character, and also the only living person, we meet in the story. Were at the region, in Myop's own little world, the settings are warm, living and identified as pleasant summer months. There is collection going on, and a small stream is using the surroundings. In my mind pictures can be taking condition, and I was completely sketched into the whole world, and happiness of Myop. Myop is usually on her approach to her personal little adventure. A small walk, picking flowers, a thing she often perform, but this time their a little different. On her method to adventure, she is observing and choosing ferns, bouquets and leaves, the initially we hear about is silver ferns close to her house. Silver is a color of security and peace, saying that in the home she is protected, safe and calm. After that she finds some green flowers and brown aromatic buds. Green is peace and tranquility, and darkish is globe and stability. Again it is happy colors, and a secure place for her to be. In twelve o'clock she is far from home, and her biceps and triceps are filled with flowers. The mood is definitely changing via a happy summer theme, into a more strange unpleasant almost gloomy ambiance. She is starting to walk home, when the history takes a remarkable turn, the girl steps in anything. A head of a hanged man! To start with she does not notice, nevertheless she bows down to get absolutely, she finds its a head this lady has stepped in. She is a bit scared, yet apparently more curious than frightened. The dead guy is big, its quite a while since having been killed, and killed having been. She sees that he previously been defeated up, and he is practically rotted entirely away. His head can be separated from his body system, meaning he had been dangling there intended for so long, everything that keeps the top attached to the entire body is gone. On the floor next to him, is a remains of the noose, used to hang him. Myop discovers a beautiful green rose inside the spot the noose...