Intestinal Tan

 Alvin Bronze Essay

1 ) Identify the main issues raised in this case. (4 marks)

The school's popularity is desperately affected after this incident. Relating to ABN News (2012), " His improper doings caused problems for the school's reputation” (Para. 2). Being on grant, law pupil Alvin Tan's actions will cause big talks, such as the execute and the method of picking scholars. All things considered, Singapore's government is selling their education and scholarships should not be granted to pupils with poor conduct. Alvin Tan is an shame not only to NUS, but also a disgrace to Singapore, Malaysia and his relatives. Alvin's activities may not be regarded as a crime and he may not get charged. Nevertheless , it is morally wrong to publish such explicit materials on the web without considering the consequences that may affect him or the culture itself.

2 . Within your opinion, will you consider the actions of law scholar Alvin to be acceptable? Support your solution. (6 marks) In my opinion, this kind of actions really should not be condoned. According to The Straits Moments, " Education minister Heng Swee Keat expressed good disapproval towards the behaviour of Mr Suntan, claiming it turned out unseemly of a scholar. " (Jeremy Au, November 2012). Being chosen as a scholarship recipient, regulation student Intestinal Tan should certainly follow a code of conduct, as he might be considered as a role model to several. Displaying this sort of obscene items may provide bad influence to the culture, and may also cause interference to the open public.

a few. Define values and values. How do you notice it may apply in this instance? (10 marks) Values does not definitely signify correct or incorrect, good or bad. It is the mentality people beings, distinguishing right from incorrect. Bernard G. (2011) states that, " morality is known as a code of conduct raised by every rational persons” (Para. 2). It identifies a code of carry out, values and beliefs offered and and then a group of people. This can be a system of execute to all logical beings, regarding how a person should react...