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A. Category Explanation

A retail confectionary cycle selling premium-quality cakes and desserts to serve special occasions, especially Full Month Activities, Birthdays, Chinese language New Year, as well as the Mid-Autumn Celebration. It also specializes in retailing hand crafted traditional Indonesian desserts. B. Main Opponents

1 . PrimaDéli – Confectionary cycle with huge retail network. Retails mid range freshly well prepared goods to consumers because snacks, and also sells cakes and seasonal baked goods. (Prima Deli) installment payments on your Polar Puffs and Bread (" Polar”) – Full confectionary sequence which on top of that differentiates alone emphasis on spicy puffs. (Polar Puffs & Cakes) In addition, it retails baked goods for special occasions. Polar likes high company presence due to the partnership with ExxonMobil, that has culminated in Polar's goods are retailed at over 60 gas stations islandwide (ExxonMobil Singapore). 3. BreadTalk – A confectionary selling chain having a shorter background but much stronger branding. It is presently among Singapore's most recognized retail confectionaries. Breadtalk focuses primarily on bread, which is highly noticeable due to its choice of highly visible retail spots. (BreadTalk) 4. Neighbourhood Confectionaries – Independent confectionaries located in the center of neighbourhoods. While their products are universal, their places are convenient, and loyal customers claim that they have a unique flavour, and continuously return in pursuit of that taste. All abovementioned confectionaries offer festive goods seasonally, and can provide for prevalent celebrations including Full Month celebrations. PrimaDeli, Polar Puffs and BreadTalk all include strong occurrence in well-known shopping malls with high pedestrian traffic. Can make them key competitors with one another, as their companies target markets are highly comparable.



1 . Excessive Brand Collateral. Bengawan Single is one among Singapore's most recognized brands. It includes appeared on a regular basis on the Singapore " Enterprise 50” list ever since 97 (Bengawan Solo), and is very recognized as a producer of cakes and traditional Nonya desserts using traditional, real recipes. Bengawan Solo likewise featured in prominent community publications in 2010, because it marketed traditional Indonesian desserts made famous by a local television episode. 2 . High quality Product Understanding. Bengawan Solitary is constantly aimed at improving the recipes and production procedure for its traditional products (Pan). This has triggered the creation of a superior product that is perceived as high grade, and consumers purchase this because the recognized value begotten often surpasses the economic cost to them.


1 . Seasonality of Product sales. Due to the character of it is business, Bengawan Solo generates much higher revenue during festive seasons like the Lunar Beginning of the year, and the Mid-Autumn Festival, when Singaporean consumers customarily exchange gifts of traditional desserts. However , use frequency during non-festive seasons is generally much lower. This affects increases it is risks, as its survival is highly dependent on revenue during the joyful season whilst it incurs operations costs for the entire fiscal year. installment payments on your Vulnerability to Cost Boosts. Bengawan Solo's retail outlets are generally rented. This will make Bengawan Solitary particularly susceptible to losing all their prime locations due to exorbitant rent raises. In addition , Bengawan Solo's recycleables (i. at the., flour, pandan leaves) are sourced by external suppliers. This makes Bengawan Solo very susceptible to improved costs because of supply scarcity in the event of unforeseen natural or perhaps political unrest. Opportunities

1 . Craving for Snack-sized Portions. Current research has demonstrated that bite-sized sweets have made the very best five restaurant trends within the past four years, as buyers seek increased variety without the need to use more calorie consumption or spending more (Michelle Locke, 2011). Bengawan Solo's bite-sized...

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