Case Study: Amazon online marketplace on the Brink of Bankruptcy

 Case Study: Amazon online on the Brink of Personal bankruptcy Essay


Summary: Amazon. com is a world leader in online-retail. The company was created out of the tech boom with the 1990's and founded simply by Jeff Bezos. Since its founding as a web bookseller, Amazon. com and drastically expanded to expand its product offerings, happiness, and customer care. This growth required enormous investments in technology and operations to support the complex organization. Today, Amazon online. com offers, or online auctions, books, music, videos, playthings, videogames, consumer electronics, software, and home items. The company experience extraordinary progress during and after the technical boom with customers increasing from 14 million in 1999 to over twenty million in 2000. But with rising happiness costs, the company had not developed profits over these years. The process Bezos and Amazon. com faced was turning the organization profitable prior to cash sold out and businesses would have to end or get bankrupt. Actually were it not for the $318 mil raised through stock options it happened in 1999 and an additional $680 mil borrowed in early 2000, the business surely could have run out of cash. Strengths: Amazon . com. com strengths begin in it is roots. Setting up in Seattle during the department of transportation com bubble meant Amazon . com. com was entering a new industry from the earliest origins. And being located in Seattle meant the organization had e-commerce's top expertise and leading experts close by. The company's up coming strength originated from its decision to become a organization that offered multiple product lines meeting different consumer requires. The skill and market that Amazon . com. com was surrounded by managed to get easy for the organization to switch from a bookseller to merchant by utilizing electronic resources vs traditional physical requirements such as store fronts and floor space. The organization also developed barrier to entry if it is the 1st large on the web bookseller. With all the incredible marketing power and name acknowledgement Amazon. com had produced it became tough for different...