case study Essay

Mrs. Willet is a 72 yr old white female who just lately underwent a total hip substitute, left side. Her significant medical histpry contains rheumatoid arthritis and coronary artery disease. This really is her 1st postoperative time, and the girl with resting in the sack with an immobilizer (a foam sand iron that is located between her thighs to hold her hip in position) in place. The girl weighs 2 hundred pounds which is approximately five feet 6th inches high. A physical therapist is scheduled to see her toeay to help her into a sitting situation. When the physical tehrapist is not available, Ms. Willet is usually on foundation rest. Skin area assessment reveals a installment payments on your 5 centimeter, round, black right high heel ulcer, and a 2 centimeter red warm spot located over the sacrum. 1 . )The braden risk assessment tool was used to determine the risk factors that place Ms. Willet at risk for skin breakdown. What elements in the above scenario may possibly contribute to the possibility of skin break down? According to Braden level decrease physical ability, immobility and potential skin chaffing and shearing, advancing age group all written for her pores and skin breakdown. 2 . ) The black tissue on Ms. Willet's back heel is best explained as__thick necrotic tissue or perhaps eschar______________. What treatment does the nurse be ready to manage this? Black wound require debridement or removal of the necrotic material- taking away the nonviable tissue need to occur the wound can heal. 3. ) Recognize the probably cause of the red nice area over Ms. Willett's sacrum, and name 1 approach to determine whether there is pores and skin breakdown. Describe your choice. This kind of stage I pressure ulcer – nonblanchable erythema which can be signaling potential ulceration