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1 . 1 Introduction

Quick the country's Fire support entity goes back to 1901 with the pioneer fire practitioners of the Manila Fire Department which was advancing by the Fresh Yorker Capt. F. 3rd there’s r. Dodge while the fire main. Since then, the Manila Open fire Department offers gradually cultivated and became the launching stage of fire support units in the neighboring town and urban centers. Eventually, the fire protection system expanded to other parts with the country. For a long period, firemen just like the police and jail causes had been beneath the control of local government authorities right up until in the middle of 70's, they were integrated into defunct PC\INP which was a national agency under the Office of Nationwide Defense (DND). For several years beneath the PC\INP business, the fire support had tested its performance in the field of open public service. The passage of Republic Work (RA) 6975 in 1990 changed the whole organization. Better known as the Office of Community and Home Government (DILG) Act of 1990, the PC\INP was dissolved and was broken into three separate agencies, particularly: the Filipino National Authorities (PNP), the Bureau of Jail Managing and Penology (BJMP), and the Bureau of Fire and Safeguard (BFP) all under the auspices of DILG. The Bureau of Fire and Protection termed as the Fire Bureau, was created under the rule VIII, section forty-nine of Republic Act 6975. In section 50 of the identical Act, the Fire Bureau is liable for the reduction and reductions of all dangerous fires in buildings, houses, and other set ups, forests, terrain transportation cars and tools, ships or vessel docked at piers or wharves or anchored in major seaports, petroleum industry installs, plane fails and other related incidents, as well as the enforcement in the Fire Code. The Fire Bureau is also stimulated to investigate every causes of fires and, if necessary, file the proper complaints together with the city or perhaps provincial prosecutor who has legislation over the circumstance. The BFP is a community –oriented government agency that delivers assistance to the citizenry not only during fireplace but also in times of typhoons, floods, earthquakes, vehicular injuries and other sorts of calamities. In the pat number of years, the demand to get the information administration has noticeably increased in government in addition to private areas. However , the demand has not been combined with the creation of included systems designed to efficiently make, process, and retrieve the knowledge needs of the organization. One of the important activities of an firm is their office work. The most common reason for building a strategy is to respond to a perceived issue. Computers are incredibly demanding today. Computerization features given key contribution for the growth of many nations on the globe. Local sectors computerization has increased productivity and has covered cost available in the market. Technological advanced machines have generate more jobs, an indication that computerization has been producing economic effects. Minimizing human being control pertains to automation. The term automation coined from the word automatic and operation, details all such process in which mechanical or electronic device are engaged to carry out activity without human intervention. Moreover, automation is a performance of on procedure by automatically controlled equipment capable of self rules. Automated system are able to perform routine making tasks. As of now, there are still many government offices that uses manual workplace workflow such as Bureau of fireplace and Safety. The problems and inefficiencies employing manual office methods are very obvious, it requires lots of the perfect time to retrieve data, files, and also other documents compiled on huge dividers and cabinets. It will require a lot of effort. The researchers recommended an automated Workplace Management System for the Bureau of Fire and Protection, Tarlac City. The device is built to focus on a clinical...