Christian and Buddhist Knowledge of Life After Death

 Essay on Christian and Buddhist Comprehension of Life Following Death

Life following death


•Buddhism shows that humans are caught in a repetitive cycle of birth, your life, death and rebirth.

Reincarnation (many lives) vs . one single existence


Or perhaps,

Both teach life after that one (compare/same)

•CHRISTIANITY – stimulus 5d, " I think that when your body dies, the soul endures in a new life” •. •Christianity features historically taught that everyone has only just one life that is known. •Each effective rebirth could possibly be into a better, a even worse life, or a similar existence, depending upon the person's Karma -- the sins and merits that have accrued during their present and previous lives.

Deed affect up coming life


•Both lives after this one are affected by how you will act and live your current life.

•BUDDHISM – Stimulus a few a, " With which My spouse and i sign my own life's slide, ‘yours truly. '”

•CHRISTIANITY – Stimulus •After death, one's beliefs and/or actions are evaluated inside the Final View. •An endless life awaits everyone. With respect to the judgment, it will be either in Heaven or perhaps Hell. •One's goal is to escape out of this cycle and reach Nirvana. •Once this is attained, the mind experiences total freedom, freedom and nonattachment. Suffering ends because desire and yearning -- what causes suffering -- are no more. Enlightenment cost-free, from the cycle of your life vs . Bliss frees you from hard life (Compare/difference)

•Stimulus 5a, Japanese poems on the minute of loss of life (top), " a cool blowing wind blows”. •There is no suffering in Bliss; only delight.