Ten Canoes/Cloudstreet Study Notes

 Ten CanoesCloudstreet Study Paperwork Essay

Belonging claims:

5. There are many types of that belong: to relatives, culture, country, education, sociable groups, place. * A large number of people select not to fit in - actually such rebellion can actually generate a new group to participate in. * Whenever we don't belong, we may become powerless.

* " The feeling of not that belong, of not being entirely worthwhile, of being at times hostage to your own sensibilities. Those ideas speak to me very personally. They speak for all of us this way. " -- Anthony Minghella

" Owned by oneself -- the whole essence of your life lies in that. " - Ivan Turgenev " The conflict between the need to participate in a group plus the need to be viewed as unique and individual is a dominant struggle of adolescence. " -- Jeanne Elium

" Self-identity is one of the 1st principles in everybody's existence. " -- John Clare

We can have to belong.

That belong:

* A sense of connectedness.

* It is essential for a individual's growth and development. 5. Personal, cultural and ethnical identity turn into integrated. 2. The need to 'fit-in'.

* Fluid and usually based on selections

* Transform over time.

* The 'herding' behavioral instinct.

5. 'Strength in numbers' appears hot-wired to the psyches.

2. Physiological need to associate with and be well regarded by each of our peers. 2. Helps to build cohesive stability.

* Personal codes intended for right and wrong may force anyone to challenge the status quo and withdraw from that belong on meaning grounds. Five Canoes -- Rolf de Heer


* Youth of Ramaning got highest committing suicide rate nationwide - no sense of belonging. * To educate Western societies about Aboriginal tradition

* Entertainment


5. Yolngu persons в†’ north-eastern Arnhem Area in NT

* Combine storytelling traditions with western story cinema. 5. Yolngu storytelling can be described as a great all-emcompassing event that produces a relationship between all things, which include self, country and kinsman - market relates. * doesn't stick to linear conventions of traditional Hollywood narratives. * Multilayered - isolated past, previous and present.

* Incorporates multiple viewpoints, mix objective incidents with subjective viewpoints and incorporates recognized events with actual occasions * Consider magic and spirits facilitate the reasonable chain of events of birth, loss of life, etc . 'life is borrowed'. * Arranged before European colonisation

* Influenced by anthropological work by David Thompson - lived with the persons and recorded their lives - picture of ten men with canoes * Cast will be amateurs via local community -- belonging to their very own cultural traditions - re-taught to make props in traditional ways, raising authenticity as well. Ideas about Belonging:

* Signifies individuals who belong to a society where actions is led by a sophisticated system of traditional laws and kinship webs. * Confronts the audience together with the possibility that, whilst they may initially feel that they are excluded from the world of the text, the power of storytelling and a distributed humanity can overcome this kind of barrier to belong. 5. Establishes the value of the marriage between the storyteller, the story and the audience. 5. Articulates that the sense of belonging could be created through relationship and connections to position - specifically nature. 5. Suggests that owned by a group with clearly defined guidelines and expectations can be a limitation of person freedom and choice. * Enabled the Yolngu individuals to reconnect with forgotten areas of their tradition that were in danger of extinction. Thus a sense of owned by their classic culture is made. * Tries to connect the social gap between indigenous and nonindigenous Australians through making a greater recognition and understanding of cultural procedures and distributed human encounters. Possible Thesis's:

* Experience

* The life experiences teach us that when you stop trying to belong you understand that you have constantly belonged....

Links: * Equally anecdotal reports

* Multiple layers that eventually unite to show character types belonging to one other.

* Connection to nature -- Fish looking for water to accelerate his long anticipated death and Ridjimararil perishing and his soul returning to the waterhole, they both acquired 'borrowed ' their lives from mother nature в†’ water is detoxification

* That belong the place -- characters coming from Cloudstreet obtain a sense of identity through the 'breathing ' house that brings them together and the Indigenous people are linked jointly as one through belonging to their home, the terrain and the cultural traditions made from this, to uncover their identity.

* Bridges between personas and viewers - storyteller 's comprehensive language and similarities in traditions - both make use of humour, lessons and colloquialism to which we could relate to.

2. Both give voice to social minorities - CS 's handicapped (Fish) and TC 's little brother (Dayindi/Yeeralperil)

2. Universal meanings - TC using european means to train use of Primitive culture and CS employing western methods to evoke a wider community.

* Spiritual connections to landscape.

2. Aboriginality - Ramaning is actually lack of link with their culture (high suicide rates) connect to CS is spirits of young victims and their not enough belonging to along with home.

* Both have situations where made modern society features thrown everything out of whack.