Coffee Shop

 Coffee Shop Composition

Two men forced open the doorway of the cafe, and tiptoed over to the counter, gently, so they will wouldn't interrupt the music performer, strumming out a performance of John Mayer, with an older Gibson guitar that looked like it had been exceeded from father to boy. After they order their drinks, they quietly find a stand and take a seat and begin to speak. They appear to get businessmen. The first is average searching. His features are tough with dark blonde curly hair that gets to his the ears and small framed spectacles that rest at the top of his nose. His face is thin, fantastic dull brown eyes are collection far apart. The additional man, however , is especially impressive. His garments, a profound blue, collared long sleeved shirt and a pair of chino pants put together with his manicured hands shows that he has a while collared job. His face is complimented by strong chin, and excessive cheekbones, with chestnut hair that from time to time hangs in the eyes. But what really draws your eyesight to him is that laugh. His laugh is not of a haughty business man, but of the laid-back teen with his friends laughing about the recent mischievous bogus.

They speak to each other as if they are talking about a top-secret plan, bending in and constantly glancing up. All their actions produce one wonder if they are organizing some business scheme, or, because they are having a laugh and smiling widely, just preparing someone's surprise. I tune in, trying to catch a bit of their conversation.

Suddenly, Now i am interrupted. " Jessica, are you listening to myself? " Kylea says, dramatically switching myself out of my daze.

" Of course I am. " I sputter.

" Oh yeah, then what was My spouse and i talking about" she says greatly.

" You were talking about Eaven. " I reply, vaguely recalling the last thing I remember her saying.

" OkВ…" she whispers, not totally convinced. Then again returns once again to her story. I settle-back, and once again view the door, holding out.