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Phase I. Characteristic features of Cognitive Metaphor and Slang5 1 . Feature Content:  Conceptual Metaphor in Every day Language,  Metaphors We Live By5 installment payments on your Feature Articles: Magical Slang: Ritual, Language and Trench Slang in the Western front6 Chapter 2. Cognitive Metaphor and Slang9

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Every slang is definitely metaphor, and all metaphor is definitely poetry…

G. K. Chesterton


Significance of the topic. In the last 10 years of the twentieth century the condition of the status of metaphor in conceptual theory started to attract the interest of language specialists, as there is impetus to get the development of cognitive science. Cognitive metaphor appeared in Give attention to research of prominent linguists: J. Lakoff, M. Manley, M. Grayscale others. Qualifications of the analyze is due to orientation today Linguistic Studies in better knowledge of the working of intellectual metaphor in literary task. The advised approach set up features of cognitive metaphor in a new private eye, as gives a comprehensive evaluation of the execution of cognitive metaphor in terms of translation. Modern linguistics can be characterized by a rise in interest in lexical substandards which might be important inside the formation of language picture of a particular region. Slang - one of those linguistic tendency that goes the scope with the common guidelines. Translated in English, the word means possibly socially or perhaps professionally vocabulary separate group as opposed to fictional language, used language or perhaps option that is certainly different from the norm literary language 1 . We can say that slang manifestation makes more compact and significant, and serves as a marker of the environment in which or social classe belongs to guy. Humor, paradox, broad synonymy, ease of development of appearance contributes to the rapid propagate of slang among audio speakers of additional groups. One of the most active teenagers use slang. This is due primarily extensive range of human contact during 12-35 years: social, educational, Professional yet others. Thus, children slang forms the subsystem of slang. Lexical structure Youth Presentation is changing (by research scientists - every two to three years). This is for the active curiosity linguists to examine the roots, development and characteristics pass on of youth slang amongst speakers of other age groups. A special place among these scientific studies has got the study of slang in English. The goal of the classes to show highlights of cognitive metaphor in contemporary English slang.

Chapter We. Characteristic popular features of Cognitive Metaphor and Slang �

1 . Feature Articles or blog posts:  Conceptual Metaphor in Everyday Language,  Metaphors We Live By

The book of American linguists George Lakoff and Mark Meeks «Metaphor We all Live by» (1980) two sets out the basis of the cognitive approach to metaphor as linguistic, cognitive and cultural sensation. The medical aspects of study regarding this phenomenon in linguistics and beliefs and the position of metaphor in females, in day-to-day communication between people are reviewed. Particular interest is drawn to the possibility of employing metaphors as a way of understanding reality like a tool pertaining to the organization of human experience, structuring his knowledge of truth. Authors of conceptual metaphor theory George Lakoff and Mark Johnson in his book «Metaphor We Live by» 3 in addition to the article " Conceptual Metaphor in Each day Language” 4 argue that metaphors as linguistic expressions happen to be possible exactly because they are inserted in cognitive-concepts system of parson. Conceptual program determines the scheme for which a person thinks and acts. Based on the theory of conceptual metaphor, metaphor is at the heart in the process of interaction between the buildings of knowledge (frames and scripts) of...