Compare and Contrast Babylonians and Phoencians

 Essay upon Compare and Contrast Babylonians and Phoencians

The Babylonians and Phoenicians are very similar, but different. Whilst they both resided near lakes and utilized that since an advantage, all their production of goods and solutions were diverse because they will relied on different things for making money and trade materials. Also, both came up with several ideas that will help better us in the future.

They will both completed near bodies of water; The Babylonians settled between Tigris and Euphrates Estuaries and rivers and the Phoenicians settled on the Mediterranean coastline. The access to flowing marine environments helped them greatly since the Babylonians tried it to water their plants and plant life to trade and while the Phoenicians would use it intended for growing crops, it was even more used being a trading rout for them. Without water, they would both go through greatly.

The Babylonians and Phoenicians specialized in various things. Unlike the Babylonians, the Phoenicians became best known pertaining to manufacturing and goods. They will made a glass from costal sand, developed a violet dye named, " Tyrian purple, ” and made scrolls for literature and exchanged them intended for tin. Alternatively, the Babylonians were generally known for their farming. Being one of the many fertile areas, they grew vegetables and grain by using a complex approach to irrigation between the two waterways and were transported throughout the Middle East in exchange to get raw materials.

Lastly, every group produced something different that we use to this time and helped us for the good. The Phoenicians were known for their creation of the buchstabenfolge because that they needed a straightforward alphabet to relieve the burden of keeping records. It consisted of twenty-two letters based on distinct noises. On the flip side, the Babylonians had been guided simply by Hammurabi and recorded all their laws, later known as the Code of Hammurabi, the initially major number of written regulations. These laws would help keep things in order.

All in all, The Phoenicians and Babylonians had more differences then simply similarities. Because of this, they are distinct...