Conflict 14 Angry Men

 Conflict Twelve Angry Men Essay

Practice LONGCHAMP: " The 8th Juror is the leading man of 12 Angry Men. Discuss”

•Juror 8's excellent character, just how he strategies the case


•Open minded

•Not enabling personal landscapes or thoughts to affect his decision

•The problem of delivering his perspective across to other jurors



•Wanting to travel home

•The fact that had he certainly not been there, the boy might have been found guilty

•Seen as a hero

•Rose wished to highlight what it could indicate to be somebody like Juror 8

Considering someone a " hero” comes down to your own opinion that is certainly greatly one of a kind to each individual, however undoubtedly that Twelve Angry Males shows Juror 8 to become hero for all. Whilst defining a hero is something which is done over a case-by-case basis, they are generally seen to become admirable folks who possess a selected degree of bravery, loyalty and respect. Juror 8 is usually someone who is seen to have many of these qualities, and approaches the position of being a jury affiliate with a incredibly open mind, of which Reginald Rose shows to be a appealing characteristic specifically given the decision that needs to be produced in relation to the accused's existence. Juror 8 also overcomes the challenge of expressing his reasonable hesitation that the charged is guilty to all the other jurors, facing extraordinary prejudice and bias against what he says. Rose above every though displays Juror 8's heroism to the reader when ever at the conclusion of the play that they realise that had Juror 8 not been an element of the court, the boy most likely would have been mistakenly been discovered guilty.

Even though we are certainly not told much about anyone Juror almost 8 is, is actually through his actions and words that individuals learn he's a very respectable individual. His occupation while an recorded allows us to believe he is well educated, and his tolerance with even the most insupportable men is definitely admirable after they claim as being a part of the court is a " goddam spend of time”. The reader likewise begins to see Juror almost eight as an...