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 Detailed Lessons Plan in Mapeh Article


My spouse and i. OBJECTIVES:

a. To distinguish the several kinds of records.

b. To study the paperwork that is located in the grand staff.

c. To locate this individual Major Scales or named octave


Basic principles of Music /, ENERGETIC MAPEH a few, pp. 10-31



A. Daily Routine N. REVIEW-Last meeting we discussed about body Movements isn't very it course? -Let's have a short assessment, So what can be movement? Yes…-Very Good.. C. MOTIVATION-Who between you loves music? -Well, it is great to know course. I know you learn something when you are in your fundamental days. Deb. LESSON PROPER-Because our topic for today is all about different kinds of records and the major scale. -So class, what are notes? Yes…-Very Good… 5. Notes may have one, two, three or more parts the heads, stem and lift or hooks * Remarks have different styles to determine their particular exact worth for example is usually their relative length or perhaps duration. 2. Let's focus on the Whole notice ( )And what is a whole note? Certainly,,, * Certainly Very very good.. And take notice class a whole notice receives four beats. * Next is definitely the half be aware, Yes.. ( ) 2. And half note gets 2 surpasses. Next is a quarter note and what is a quarter note? Yes? 5. Yes that's right.. a quarter notice receives one beat ( ). 2. The next the first is the 8 note and what is a great eight be aware? ( ) * And an eight note obtains.. how various beat? Certainly? * Incredibly good.. another one is the sixteenth take note and what exactly is sixteenth note? Yes? * Very good and a sixteenth be aware receives a single eight conquer. So course, did you see something although an additional connect or colours are placed in the whole note? * What was it?? Yes David? * Extremely good... well said john.. At the. Generalization(I will certainly ask the students to pull the different varieties of notes for the blackboard and label it is parts with the corresponding sounds. F. Program * Okay class lets clap the beats of the...