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October one particular, 2013

Period 2


In Greek mythology there are many stories that have to do with arrogance than someone, at something, or simply in general with gods. In the book, Heroes, Gods, and Monsters of the Traditional Myths” there are numerous examples of this sort of situation.

In the section, Athene, is wherever I found the most important example. Arachne, a girl who have lived in Lydia, was so boastful she said, " I, My spouse and i am the highest weaver on the globe. The greatest since the world started, no doubt. Actually I can weave better than Athene herself. ” After she had released this, Athene was about to kill her. Instead, the lady challenged her. The challenge finished with Arachne hanging himself. This is the best example because it shows what being conceited can get you. You don't want to hold yourself do you really?

Another example of arrogance with the Poseidon section. He was and so full of him self that the people of Athens did not wish to participate in his empire, and sent a prayer to be under the protection of another our god. Athene observed the plea who then put the people in a authorities. Athene's gift was better. Her olive tree provided her the town of Athens. This topic is still influencing people today. Being conceited as to what you do or perhaps what you seem like will get individuals to dislike you. You will end up in a very difficult situation. In the end, you are going to most likely acquire hurt or perhaps you will hurt others. Think before you say something because you never know who listens to and the actual will do. I have experienced this before while i was playing basketball with this park in San Francisco. There was these group of little young boys that planned to play with myself and my buddies. They were incredibly boastful and full of themselves thinking that these people were the best for basketball and knew every thing about it. Ultimately, they dropped and did start to cry.

All in all, the ancient greek language stories had been meant to train us a lesson. World of one, in my eyes, can be a bad thing. Have confidence in your self, but not excessive confidence. Also, do...