Digital Dementia

 Digital Dementia Essay

Digital Dementia

The effect It Has upon Society and the Business World

Hollie Crotts

Northwood Univeristy

Digital Dementia: The effect It Has upon Society as well as the Business World What is Digital Dementia? Studies have been completed by multiple neuroscientists regarding several young people developing memory problems that are most often noticed in the elderly with dementia. Experts have studied cases of these young people who have problems with recollection, concentration and the attention period. Reading the Buzzle's article " What is Digital Dementia” they talk about that the right side with the brain supports cognitive functions; memory, interest, thinking, emotions and control ideas while the side of the human brain supports reasoning and reasoning (Nicks, J).

Understanding that young people aren't retaining information they browse, hear or perhaps see; or perhaps that they have a hard time to method a believed can have a fresh social impact that we have never seen just before. Children are and so busy watching television or playing a game that they can do not discover how to interact with each other. Mom's use to schedule enjoy date for their kids, but since a kid just wants to take a seat in front of a TV, parents have ended forcing their children to interact with others. These kids are growing up and even though they may have met good friends they continue to cannot carry a discussion with that person without a phone to help communicate. Fox Information who spoke with Doctor Carolyn Brockington pointed out in her interview that when you visit a restaurant, people are resting at a table together but they are not interacting, everyone at the desk is prove phone (FoxNews. com). In the event the right side of our brain (part not being developed) controls emotions too, even though the influenced young people include friends you must ask yourself do they actually care for the other person? The new technology is fast paste movers and do not often slow down...

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