Drugs Study Paper


Pick any kind of issue of concern today and offer it a crucial study and appearance at it from: a) Christianity standpoint.

b) Law of the land.





1) A drug is definitely any chemical you consider that affects the way your body works. Model: alcohol, caffeine, aspirin, pure nicotine etc . 2) A drug is a material which may possess medicinal, envigorating performance when taken by a runner body. Substance abuse.

1) It is the usage of illegal prescription drugs, the misuse of health professional prescribed or over-the-counter drugs no less than a year with negative consequences. 2) Obsessive, excessive and self-damaging usage of habit-forming drugs or substances, leading capital t addiction or perhaps dependence, significant physiological injury(e. g. harm of kidney, liver, heart) and/or physical harm(e. g. dysfunctional tendencies patterns, hallucinations, memory loss), or loss of life. Substance abuse.

Harmful/hazardous use of psychoactive substances which includes alcohol and illicit medicines. Substance abuse is usually sometimes known as drug abuse.

Drug and drug abuse has become a catastrophe and a problem to be resolved urgently throughout the world. In Kenya, drug abuse is among the major problems alongside poverty, corruption and HIV/AIDS. However , whereas the HIV/AIDS frequency is coming down, drugs and substance abuse is definitely on the maximize compounded by lack of a conventional control program and disappointment arising from lack of employment, idleness and poverty. HOW COME SUBSTANCE AND DRUG ABUSE CAN BE AN ISSUE OF CONCERN.

Since the concern of substance abuse came into existence, a whole lot of actions to curb its pass on have been implement not only in Kenya but globally. In Kenya, a lot farreneheit money continues to be spend up to now to control its distributed. So many rehab centers have been put in place to counsel the drug addicts; subjects, courses and units protecting drug abuse education have been brought to schools beginning with primary, extra schools and institutions of higher learning like colleges. Polytechniques and schools. The government provides enforced laws and regulations which prohibit the use of illegitimate drugs and the trade in Kenya. Medication trafficking is a serious offense in Kenya and if identified guilty there are severe penalties and weighty fines. Christian believers are strongly against drug abuse and it is against Christian morals and integrity. And with all these in place everyone wants drug abuse to go down although that is not the situation; contrary to that the abuse of drugs is highly increasing like fire on a ready-sorghum plantation. Individuals are taking and sniffing chemicals and drugs despite them understanding of the unsafe effects that these drugs come along with thus this is certainly puzzling. So many people ranging from young adults, middle-aged, the, the rich and the poor, religious and non-religious are typical getting involved in drug and substance abuse inspite of all the steps in place capital t curb their spread therefore this makes drug and drug abuse alarming and puzzling concern which demands thorough overview into the matter. EXAMPLES OF MISTREATED DRUGS.

Listed here are examples of the most frequent abused drugs and they range from the legal for the illegal kinds. 1) Alcohol. 8. ) Psilocybin mushrooms. 2) Cigarettes. 9. ) PCP(Phencyclidine) 3) Marijuana. twelve. ) Rehypnol. 4) Cocaine. 11. ) Stenol.

5) Heroin. 12. ) LCD(Lysergic acid solution diethylamide) 6) Opium. 13. ) Hallucinogens/Psychedelic drugs. 7) Ectasy. 18. ) Miraa EXAMPLES OF ABUSED SUBSTANCES.

1) Inhalants (glue, inhalers, fuel, nail polish).

2) Avenue methadone.

3) Barbitorates.

4) Anabolic steroid.

5) Alkyl nitrates.


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