British Reflection Paper

 English Representation Paper


In the movie Sydney White, the most important thing which i have learned will be able to stand up for others; to fight for what is right, and also to learn how to not live in the shadows more. As a scholar, I can very much relate to film production company because My spouse and i experienced what Sydney White-colored had skilled. I was one particular living in the shadows of my friend and i also followed every actions of her even though I know this wasn't correct. I was genuinely afraid to tell her that what she is doing is usually wrong mainly because I how to start how she would react and if she will have it within the positive or negative approach. I was thus scared to shed her towards the point that whatever she has doing, I am on her behalf side and condone her to whatever she truly does because I think that easily told her that she's a poor influence in my opinion, she'll latest me. Nevertheless I've reached to the level that I are unable to take it any more. My spouse and i stood on with myself. My spouse and i realized that I have got large amount of friends that may be there for me and burning off her is not my own loss, it can hers. We have learned to learn and do what I want without anyone dictating me what to do, what you should want, who have to be close friends with; instead, I learned to become myself. I discovered to guard what is proper. If you feel you don't fit in, get to know other people better — especially other lazy people. As said in the film: " I have met a lot of great and interesting persons here that I never might have met easily didn't step out of my own small world. Before, all I wanted was to fit into. But We've learned that —that we're all seeking to fit in, and, we all feel like outsiders, and all do something and truly feel things which have been bizarre and unconventional and dorky. We're all dorks. ” We all really should have our own identity. Learn how to live according to yourself rather than to others. Step out of their dark areas and find your self, explore and begin over. Life is too short to pay your life inside the shadows of others. You'll be able to have a conversation when you find your own and be able to think it is, one need to take a...