Ethics and Independent Company Status

 Ethics and Independent Builder Status Essay

Integrative Circumstance 1: Nike

1 ) What moral issues experienced by MNCs in their treatment of foreign employees could provide allegations of misconduct within their operations? A number of the issues that may play a role include: wage rates and rewards, working conditions such as task security, place of work safety, temperature, ventilation, and other standards, operating hours, fractures, vacations, worker compensations and unemployment benefits. 2 . Could the use of third party independent technicians alleviate or perhaps insulate MNCs from getting attached, and would this kind of use become a good protecting shield against charges of abuse of " their particular employees”? Ones own the case in the us, the " independent contractor” status can simply be recognized through obvious, legally defensible criteria, like the amount of control the " contractor” has over the tasks being achieved, the method the service provider is paid, the freedom in the contractor to work on additional contracts together, and so on. Lawfully, these conditions are not prone to apply to the foreign workers of companies like Nike, who have tend to have limited control over their very own performance, operate long, fixed hours upon company areas, and be paid on an per hour or piece rate. Whether or not MNCs find a legal loophole to continue to categorise their international workers as independent installers, this will not really shield all their public photo from open public criticism for acting immorally and evading their social responsibilities. | 3. Given the principles noted in the case, how do companies discuss their confident actions to market human rights so buyers will believe well of which? Would you offer a company (a) do nothing, (b) construct a corporate code of ethics, or (c) align itself with a few of the common covenants or perhaps compacts made by international companies? One need to consider both ethical concerns and interaction issues once dealing with this. When dealing with communication concerns, companies should emphasize truthfulness in all with their...