Factors That Decide the Price of the clothes

 Factors That Determine the price tag on the Garments Composition


1) Quantity –In general, since quantity increases, price per garment lessens. 2) Quantity of colors

3) Quantity of print locations- The size of printed will not affect the price. 4) Sizes- There is certainly additional fees for XXL and up

5) Type of dress


A final price for any product could possibly be influenced by many factors which may be categorized in two primary groups:

* Inside Factors -- When establishing price, online marketers must take into consideration several factors which are the result of company decisions and activities. To a large extent these factors are controllable by the organization and, if necessary, can be changed. However , even though the organization may possibly have control of these factors making a simple change is not always practical. For instance, item pricing may depend heavily on the efficiency of a manufacturing unit (e. g., how much can be produced in a certain period of time). The marketer sees that increasing production can reduce the cost of generating each product and thus allow the marketer to potentially decrease the product's price. Nevertheless increasing productivity may require main changes on the manufacturing facility that may take time (not to mention end up being costly) and can not translate into lower price items for a substantial period of time.

* Exterior Factors - There are a number of influencing factors which are not controlled by the firm but will influence pricing decisions. Understanding these kinds of factors needs the online marketer conduct research to monitor what is happening in each industry the company provides since the a result of these elements can vary by market.