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Survey Title: Economical Analysis of Delta Spinning software Limited

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Course Code: FIN 201

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Farzana Huda (FZH)

Senior Lecturer,

Department of Business Supervision

East West University

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Jayed Trash can Omar Shahil| 2011-2-10-114

Kamal Kundu | 2011-1-10-113

Maryland. Raihan Kabir| 2008-3-10-056

Mazedu Hoque| 2009-2-10-260

Section: 01

Date of Submission: 23-03-2013

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Farzana Huda

Older Lecturer,

Division Of Organization Administration

East Western world University


We the four scholar of BBA department of the section (sec-01) beg the majority of humbly to convey that, we are presenting the report about " Economic analysis upon Delta Spinners Ltd. ” We are incredibly delighted to tell you which our group features accomplished our report through your kind guidance. We have provided our ideal effort for making this statement and we possess tried to get this to report successful and educational. Now our company is presenting each of our report just before you and really is endless that this survey will live up to your requirement.

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Your many obedient students.

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All praises and satisfaction are intended for the almighty Allah who has given all of us the strength to complete this report effectively. We would like to thank and express the sincere appreciation to all those who find themselves directly or indirectly helped us and contributed to the completion of this kind of report.

You want to express the sincere gratitude to Farzana Huda (FZH), Lecturer of Business Supervision Department of East Western world University on her valuable advice and support that helped us to complete this kind of report. By giving valuable advice she helped us a whole lot.

We could thankful and like to show our sincere gratitude to our friends, class mates and very well wishers for their support during our research and by time of financial this statement.

Finally we could grateful to our family members intended for giving us support and encouragement which in turn helps us a lot to do our function properly.

Executive Summary

Nowadays textile industry is the central manufacturing sector in the world. Bangladesh has also textile industry plus they are performing around the year. Fabric industries will be providing a wide range of input within our country's economic system. In this Report we are planning to provide some information about financial ratio analysis of Delta Spinners Limited, Which is one of many eighteen linen mills in Bangladesh. Inside the financial percentage analysis we discus about the Delta Spinner limited liquidity ratio, asset supervision ratio, debt ratio, success ratio and DuPont formula. Liquidity ratios measure the business ability to meet current obligations, as and when that they fall due to Asset which may be converted into profit a short time period. A set of ratios that procedures how efficiently a firm can be managing its assets. Your debt ratio procedures the percentage with the firm's resources financed by creditors (borrowings). Every firm is most concerned with its earnings. One of the most frequently employed tools of financial ratio examination is profitability ratios which tend to be used to determine the industry’s bottom line and its particular return to it is investors. DuPont analysis can be used to attain higher detail by dissecting a single ratio into two or more related ratios. By simply viewing this kind of financial proportion analysis people can...