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GC3 – THE ANDCandidate's statement


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Student name Stacey Shaw Student amount 00286397

Place inspected Athelstan Primary SchoolDate of inspection 09 / 06 / 2015


Control steps


Hazards and consequences

Quick and long run actions

1 ) The risk of creating a road traffic accident and risk of kid being struck by a motor vehicle due to the poor parking and limited presence.

3. Risk of gates closing and capturing a kid's hand/fingers because of insufficient bolt down mechanisms

5. Risk of go, trips and falls as a result of damaged floors surface (potholes)

5. Likelihood of unauthorised admittance into institution grounds or perhaps children going out of the grounds unaccompanied

6. Risk of biological toxins to the crushed stone pit in the foundation field of play

7. Risk of tripping because of uneven surface on external walkways to classrooms

eight. Risk of department falling (due to a divide branch) onto people coming from a forest in the main yard

9. Risk of personal protection to Caretaker due to lone working

12. Risk of pressure to Receptionists due to harassing parents

eleven. Risk of overall health by exposure to asbestos.

12. Likelihood of health contact with legionnaires disease

Immediate – Communicate with father and mother to pushing alternative techniques of getting the kids to school including walking, bicycling.

Medium -- Paint twice yellow lines on procedure roads to restrict parking about school. Assist Local Specialist to develop a traffic management plan. Require the local constabulary to law enforcement officials the area during opening and closing times.

Long term – Look to implement a reward plan for children/parents who make use of the existing disappear system (The drop off system is an existing example of good practice that is certainly already in position. The drop off zone is a safer way of dropping the kids at institution. The automobiles pull up in clearly authorized and managed designated areas. Children are accumulated from the car by a teacher and considered into school)

Continue to minimize delivery instances and on site contractor occasions. No usage of school environment between the hours of almost 8. 30 – 9. 00am and 3. 00 – 3. 40pm.

Immediate – Ensure bore holes will be in place to allow gate to stay in place.

Method – place locking mechanism upon drop sl? to prevent any individual from launching the door once attached into place.

Long Term – Implement a great audit timetable to check bore holes never have filled with dust and locks are being used

Quick – Obstacle off the place that is afflicted.

Medium - Organise the remedial vehicle repairs to take place

Permanent – Put playground area to Prepared Preventative Protection schedule (PPM) checks for caretakers.

Risk already recognized and maintained accordingly through combination hair with limited personnel mindful of the combinations. Changes to the lock blend are made the moment staff keep the company.

CCTV is additionally installed in key regions of access and egress

Instant – ensure an opening check takes place with a visual inspection

Medium – organise a brief cover to place over the fine sand pit area to prevent access from animals (this gives a storage space issue the moment removed)

Long Term – Discover a suitable cover that fits the sand hole securely and doesn't present a storage space issue

Instant – Hurdle off the area that is influenced.

Medium- Set up the remedial repairs to take place

Long Term – Add external walkway surface to Planned Preventative Maintenance schedule investigations for caretakers.

Immediate – Barrier from the area that may be affected

Channel – Arrange for split branch to be taken off

Long Term – Add a tree survey to PPM

Immediate – Provide a mobile phone to enable better conversation and...