Gender Stereotypes

 Gender Stereotypes Essay


Prof. Mckelvy

ENG 0349



In respect to Deborah Tannen, " We prefer to think of ourself as exclusive individuals, not really representatives of stereotypes. But it is more risky to disregard patterns than to articulate them”. A large number of people which gender stereotype is dangerous because it might cause a serious problem to along with society. Consequently , it's very essential to expose and discuss about its dangerous and harming effects. Deborah Tannen revealed a few cases about males and females in world. Gender stereotypes are created at the beginning day if the child is born. Usually, young ladies want to have a connection and experience close to all their friend. Nevertheless , boys tend to be competitive with their friends. They like to play the questioned game. An investigation showed that children learn the stereotypes male or female form mature. This shows that children are affected by adult. Today, the stereotypic role of girl is to marry and train their children. Guys, on the other hand, in order to support the financial for their family. Those kinds of male or female stereotypes can be harmful as it can independent the roles between males and woman in the contemporary society. Gender stereotype also affects the joy of family. Women desire to talk in the home to create the friendship and intimacy with each member in their family. However , men sometime ignore with what they do and say, in order that women feel no need to declare. On the other hand, men talk more in the open public than women because they help keep and maintain their very own status in society. Today, gender stereotypes are expanded over the world because people don't even know about the damaging results. In some region, men are certainly more powerful than woman in society. Men have a right to determine everything in family and contemporary society.