George Washington: American Enthusiast and Statesman

 George Washington: American Enthusiast and Statesman Essay

George Washington is a man which will never always be forgotten in American history. Many Americans observe his deal with just about each day without even noticing it. His picture can be on the 1 Dollar Expenses and the One fourth. His name is just about all over the place, whether it's universities, towns, counties, states or even the capitol. I think that this individual deserves this praise because he was a devoted man that helped kind America. He was also very brave and brilliant and could stay under control in tough circumstances. Without him America more than likely be what it is today.

George Washington was very dedicated. He was devoted to his friends, the American citizens, as well as his better half. He was dedicated to his friends because even though he was friends with Jefferson and Hamilton, with no matter just how different their thoughts or perhaps ideas may have been he under no circumstances was prejudiced or took sides. This individual also listened to what the Americans had to claim about specific issues and wasn't quick to judge persons. George Washington was loyal to his wife because when he became president he was even more famous than he was ahead of and no matter how many women were following him he stayed dedicated to Martha and don't cheat onto her.

George Wa was very brave and intelligent. He had fought within a war prior to he started to be President. He was also a great leader when he lead attempted to lead his army up against the angry maqui berry farmers in the Tequila Rebellion. I think that it was very brave intended for him to do this because various people were against him and rebelling with no matter what he still was up for what he supported and that the rules was right.

I believe that you of the best qualities about George Washington the other that many People in the usa admire him for may be the way that he can think quickly on his ft, and stay calm in tough situations. He was in several situations in which he had to do this wether it absolutely was making a decision about the law, looking to settle one among Jefferson and Hamilton's disagreements, or even making the decision to free his slaves. I...