Girl Image Ad Article

 Girl Image Ad Dissertation

David Ventura

Professor Boltrushek

English 1301. 83207

28 Apr 2015

Car Accidents May Just Happen to Cars

A young girl looks ahead to the right, solemnly, with big beautiful sight, blonde shaded hair; she's wearing mild colored overalls. She is browsing front of a light greyish backdrop. The colors of the advertisement are monochromatic, no spectacular colors. The left side of her brain has a huge dent in it, looking as if that part of her head is metal. It includes paint scuff marks and scuffs. It looks as if her your forehead was struck by a car. There is paint/skin removed in which the paint/skin have been bent. In the left hand reduce side of the ad, it reads, At 60 km/h, it takes eight meters more to stop than at 60. In town, car accidents don't simply happen to cars. It is recommended by the Protection Router, french institute pertaining to Road Safety. The advertising portrays the message that cars are generally not the only thing that acquire damaged within a car accident, the people in and around all of them should be given more thought, while successfully using the rhetorical triangle: pathos, ethos and logos. French organization utilizes pathos, the emotional benefit of the audience, perfectly in this advertisement; it holds the attention of viewers. This little girl interests the audience's emotions in addition her encounter and brain are demolished. It brings at audience's heartstrings and makes them issue ‘what if that were my personal child that was damage from careless driving? ' The most important concept in this advertising, conveyed mostly by pathos, is that not only can you damage your car combined with other car that was in the car accident, but that you can also severely hurt the individuals in the two cars. The data located on the advertisement, also known as Trademarks, is given by the French business when they state, ‘At 62 km/h, it takes 8 metres more to stop than at 50. In town, car accidents no longer just happen to cars. ' They explain how heading only 12 km/hour even more, takes a greater length of space to stop a car. It provides the meaning...