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п»їGovernment Assistance to Those Who Need It

The federal government really must focus even more on aiding the people who really genuinely need all their help. They must stop aiding the ones in this magnificent country of mine such as: drug addicts, illegal immigrants, and all those people that live to fully make use of the system and find loopholes. They have to do background record checks on the people who they assist and do quarterly personal check-ups to make sure they may be spending this countries taxes money within the right items. They need to help the homeless more, in addition to the people that happen to be almost homeless for up coming to uncontrollable reasons including divorce, and natural disasters that befall onto them. Did you know that the federal government spends above $11 billion dollars to $22 billion in welfareВ to unlawful aliens each year by express governments? Or how about that 2 . a few billion us dollars a year is usually spent on Medical planning for them? That illegal households only pay about one-third the amount of federal taxation that non-illegal households pay? Or even that 1 . being unfaithful billion dollars a year is usually spent on food-assistance programs including food stamps, WIC and free school lunches pertaining to illegalВ aliens? The us government should be more pressing about not allowing the extraterrestrials even near your vicinity, especially if that they can't pay the amount of money to live here. We all know of someone that uses the system for their own gain. Such as people who have workers compensation fraud. Regarding 1 in each and every 10 people that file for employees compensation not necessarily even really hurt. Among the someone using the system will be Mr. John. Mr. John was in quite a horrendous part of his your life so he filed for bankruptcy because he was about to shed everything he had. So the authorities decided to support him out but instead of using it to get house repairs he simply goes into a smaller apartment and buys a brand new truck. One more example will be Miss Pond. Miss Pond has had eight children regarding to have her eighth. 55 that Miss Lake...

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