Haze Composition

Brand: Nurul Farhana Mohd Asdi

Topic: Haze is a significant problem

Factors behind haze

From this era 21st century, there is a growing number of development inside our country. As well, we are informing more about technology, more and more, especially the advanced one. The technology we have inform making our life become simpler. Yet, inside the same time, it will provide us with negative effects. It usually is, about to going on that afflicted human being and all sorts of the life. One of the phenomenon's that damaged all the living things is haze. Generally, hazy condition remains happening around our region and the same for neighbouring countries. We all cannot pin the consequence on each other since the hazy condition continue and happening. Haze can be described as phenomenon due to the build up of great particles in the air, which are scarcely visible to the naked eyes. As we know, haze is from the open using of rubbish, agricultural marine environments and forest fires, smoking from production facilities, and coal fired power generators and exhaust smoke from motor vehicles. Hazy condition still continues and become most severe in some of the other place. This will affect in health, for example , it will manufactured us tired, tired to make our chest in bad function. Furthermore, haze is detrimental to all living things. If this haze still continue, this will cause harmful effects to all life especially they in the risky groups just like children, the elderly, those with illnesses like asthma and allergies, cigarette smokers and who also work outsiders most of the time. Besides that, hazy condition will enhances the temperature, the hot weather supply the human to fret physical, and probably will be lifeless! For example , center stroke. Because research moves on, hazy state will bring the amount of acid rain. Chemical p rain, was cause by simply smoke industries, open using. This is most effect to agricultural area and building's paint whitening causes the chemical reaction that was consist of in rainwater to walls building and paint building. With wide open burning, this will likely causes the worst hazy condition after which made the vision become barely to view. In other words, haze is a thing dangerous for all living things and non-living items. With open up burning that the farmer do that after collect time built the most detrimental hazy state. In the same time, this will likely affect with economy activities especially travel system. This threatens for the safety of driver and passenger. For example , this effect to the surroundings transport system that is the flight forcing to delay in fact it is effect to the economy nation position once tourists need to cancel their travelling that they chose. Other than that, this will intends to the daily activities of villagers because of the haze that intends the country. This is because when the haze still intimidating, the village recommend to refrain from giving outside actions. The community who is, are a player and fisherman force to look for another alternatives. When the haze threaten the made the sight in the distance, to start with we can observed it evidently between two kilometre in distance although increase to fifty kilometre that scarcely to see. Beside that, the constituents, which can pollute air and one of the triggers in haze is carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, dust and metals. Carbon monoxide can be found in autos, cigarette, trucks and something that releasing the smoke. The constituents, which known as metals, may found in some thing usual you observe. As refer to earlier, a car or truck such as cars and trucks what is burning up fossil fuels is usually the cause of haze. Vehicles have exhausted the black opium during the automobile driving traveling which had compose the haze took place. Besides the boats such as boats and machines had used up the dangerous smog had invented haze happened too? Therefore , haze had influenced individual's activities badly. Haze prevents a single from undertaking his typical activities. Occupants are also guidance to abstain from outdoor activities who have are maqui berry farmers and anglers have to locate alternative ways to earn...