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The Greek literature impacted the western civilization from the eight century ahead of

the most popular Era. It had been and is one of the most popular and well known books. In this

reflection project, we are going to speak first about the origin of Greek materials, then

briefly regarding its different poems and ultimately we is going to end with all the first 6 books via


Who dares talk about european civilization materials without citing Homer whom stands

for Greek literature? Myth of the Ancient greek language civilization, he is the one who developed and developed

the Greek literary works. Blind, was he in line with the Greeks certainly nothing except call him by his name was

known; historians made different assumptions about the place where having been born. Homer,

expert of the Greek literature announced two several types of poems.

The Iliad was the earlier and had for subject war, men in fight and women whom fate

depends on all their outcome. I got that via Homer, web page 101. Likewise, it raised profound inquiries

about violence nevertheless also faced it immediately, without sentimentality, as a standard aspect of man

your life. It had a structural and emotional unanimity.

The Journey was concerned with the tranquility that implemented the conflict in particular with

the return with the heroes who survived. It is subject was your return of 1 of the heroes,

Odysseus according to the book. It commemorated return to ordinary life to make it appear a

worthy prize after enjoyment, toil, and danger. Correspondingly, The 6 first literature talk about

Athena as well as the Prince, Telemachus, King Nestor, the Full and Queen of Spartis, Odysseus and, the Queen and the New person.

Coming from those literature we seen while reading that the Journey offers an even more positive

meditation within the nature of civilization along with the structures of daily political your life as the

Greeks experienced this....