How do members of Our elected representatives decide how to vote

 How do users of Congress decide how to vote Research Paper

п»їHow do members of Congress decide how to vote?

Yasin Noormohamed

In an age of a growing number of partisan national politics, members of Congress have been completely voting more and more based on the views with the administration and their party ideology. However , to express that all voting is based on this could be a major misrepresentation, in addition to many other elements such as the views of constituents, their own thinking and the activities of get together whips, all of these can effect how people of Congress vote. The views of constituents is the central influence on how members political election, as it their particular constituents that decide whether they are re-elected, and they maintain their chair.

The most important aspect influencing just how members of Congress decide how to have your vote is the opinions of constituents, as it is the constituents that decide if the member can be re-elected. If perhaps they don't agree with a decision made by their particular representative in Congress, they can easily not really re-elect them in the next election. This is many evident in the House of Associates, partly because they are elected every single two years, and as such have an infinitely more volatile placement. Furthermore, Residence members symbolize much smaller constituency areas, which means that it is harder for them to ignore the views of their constituents. Within the last two elections, we have seen the Democrats lose the two House as well as the Senate, and this in part may be attributed to polarising legislation like the bank bailouts, which many constituents may have disagreed with. To counteract this kind of, members of Congress use large amounts of time seeking a precise idea of what their matters feel about specific proposals and legislation. This can include surgeries, where they speak to constituents of their views, replying to characters of correspondence and going to town conferences. These are important as they permit the member to differentiate between your views with the majority the views with the minority, especially in cases the place that the minority...