Man and Police

 Human and Police Force Exploration Paper

The texts " Scales Of Justice" and " Gattaca" are two texts which allow the target audience to see a variety of understanding and check out the relevant issues that are noticeable within modern-day society. These kinds of issues as corruption within the police force, racism, sexual harassment, discrimination and manipulation of power will be shown to give different understanding of problems which trouble today's society and potentially our future.

" Weighing scales Of Justice" shows the corruption inside the police force. It is a fictitious characterization of organised crime and human weaknesses in an unstated Australian site. It is about the likely abuses of power in the police force which is a study of power and its particular potential to dodgy. The theatre is concerned with organised crime both small and at if you are a00, involving all those in older positions of responsibility.

Weighing machines of Rights shows where corruption starts and allows us to see the a large number of examples of the fine collection our authorities must stand. The initially act, " The Job" raises many issues. The issue of abuse of power and corruption is also shown with the politics of law enforcement. This shows the extent to which the Australian system of criminal justice adjusts to our open-handed democratic sights of justness, openness, answerability and efficiency. The discrepancy between the authorities image and police practice is demonstrated by the work police place on in certain conditions. Another concern is the paperwork load taken by the law enforcement officers and the effects that this has on their behaviour towards their particular work. The attitudes of male and female members from the police force towards alleged victims of afeitado is another issue which Weighing scales OF proper rights rises in its portrayal of the corrupt police.

Act One among Scales Of Justice is a study in the limits of integrity. This shows the naivety of any policeman through which his tips bring him into issue with his co-workers.

In Weighing scales of Justice power as well as the abuse of it is displayed mainly through corruption within the police force. It shows all of us that along with power there can be bad and results on people lifestyles.

In Scales of Justice pyschological data reports that there is a certain hierarchy and people in bigger positions generally dominate and control individuals in positions that are under them. A vintage example of this really is Sergeant O'Rourke and Probationary Constable Webber. O'Rourke is actually a ansto? in his situation. Whilst going to a robbery with Webber, O'Rourke burglarizes a north face coats. Webber attracts him yet says nothing at the time. Afterwards this cover appears in Webber's locker room. When Webber approaches O'Rourke about it, he uses bully tactics to threaten Webber. Webber information this to someone within a higher location. O'Rourke misuses his electrical power and foretells friends in higher positions and it is Webber who is trashed of the power. Another concern of electricity and life-style demonstrated in Scales of Justice is the fact those in power are usually secluded from the rest of culture. An example of this kind of happening can be when Webber is not even on duty but on his way to work wearing his police standard. As soon as he steps onto the bus, everybody instantly becomes noiseless and look aside as if this individual isn't even human. They all feel some threat simply by him due to the fact he holds some power over all of them. There are many different instances of the misuse of electric power in Scales of Justice. The misuse and abuse of power can occasionally actually imply a better life-style. At one particular stage with the show, Webber tells Borland he is thinking about buying a fresh car. In reply, Borland tells Webber not to forget put on his " discount suit. " Webber has no thought what Borland is talking about. Borland talks about that the low cost suit is actually his authorities uniform. Afterwards in the show we see Webber pull up in a brand new expensive car. Webber has used his situation of power to get a discount on a car. This has indicated that Webber's improper use of electric power has actually resulted in him being able to have a much more lavish way of living. Another main misuse and abuse of...