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The Physics of Balls Jumping off for Surfaces

Innovator: Mr. Edrian Pantas

Contador, Love T.


Espiritu, Ian Timothy

Ecube, Lynn Kristine

Magangcong, Ahlya

Oliman, Genie Increased

Chapter 1


Jumping ball physics is a unique subject of research, demonstrating several interesting mechanics principle related to acceleration. Almost everybody, at some point in their lives, provides bounced a rubber ball against the wall membrane or ground and observed its motion. Normally we don`t take into account the details of moving balls physics too much because it`s reasonably obvious what is going on, the ball basically springs back off a surface by a speed proportional to how quickly it is tossed. But what isn`t known to most is what is happening to the ball before, during and after the brief effect on its surface. Statement in the Problem

This kind of study aims to determine the of golf balls bounce regarding its different factors. More specifically, that sought to reply to the following inquiries 1 . Will the size of the ball affect the bounce of the ball?

2 . Does the weight of the ball affect the jump of the ball? 3. Will the gravity affect the bounce of the ball?

four. Do the beginning point/ level of the ball from the surface area affect the jump of the ball? 5. Does the temperature from the surface impact the bounce from the ball? Value of the Study

This study will help the players in any ball games especially, soccer, snowboarding, badminton, tennis games, table tennis, golf ball, volleyball, sepak takraw, etc . in winning a game. In the event the player of such online games know the physics behind the ball jumping off while surfaces, they will calculate when to hit the ball, as a result they acquired an advantage from their opponent who`s not aware about this idea. The next researchers about physics of ball moving will also take advantage of this study. They will possess idea using this study, in order that it won`t become that tough for them to study the physics of jumping balls, and they could just continue the analysis by trying other methods or paradigm to investigate regarding ball. Scope and Delimitations

This study only addresses the physics balls plus the surface. Improvised balls other than physics balls are not measured in this analyze. The selection of surface also included inside the study, and also all the factors that affect the bounce in the ball, including; size of the ball, excess weight of the ball, gravity, level of the ball from area and also temperatures. Chapter two

Related Research

Stated within the previous analyze entitled " Science Job on a Golf Ball`s Bounce”, a basic comparison of the various jumping abilities of several kinds of tennis balls allow students to assess the bouncing properties of the golf ball to the properties of other golf balls. They provide a great deal of balls; golf ball, basketball, football, softball, rugby ball, rubberized ball, sports ball, and volleyball. They did many techniques in calculating the height in the bounce in the ball, pupils used the balls to review the inner components, they review the data collected, and after the comparison, learners develop a great optimal design and style for a ball that would produce the greatest jump.

According to a previous analyze entitled " Frozen Baseballs”, weather can easily have an effect on a ball`s capacity to bounce. In-fact, on cold days, balls tend to lose several ability to bounce. Test this kind of with two identical baseballs. Place one of the baseballs inside the freezer for at least an hour. Eliminate the baseball via freezer and drop it along with the room-temperature baseball. According to Exploratorium, the room-temperature ball bounces 80 percent above the freezing baseball. This occurs since the baseball manages to lose plasticity the moment frozen.

My old study permitted " Surroundings Pressure Experiment” stated that outside power such as gravity and chaffing aren`t the only factors impacting the jump of a ball. The characteristics of every individual ball also may play a role on a ball`s bounce. Test this theory by filling up...