Lesson Plan

 Lesson Plan Essay




I. Objectives

Reading: Recognize tangible and summary nouns within a sentence. Producing: Write with correct subject matter – action-word agreement employing abstract and collective noun.

Speaking: Develop sentences applying correct communautaire terms of a certain group. Being attentive: Classify nouns whether it is concrete or summary noun.

II. Subject Matter

" Concrete, Abstract and Group Nouns”

References: English Runs into: Language a few by Mother. Christina S. Ibarra, Et al., pp 5 – 10

Materials: Flash playing cards, table data, and book

Value Focus: Perseverance

3. Procedure (Learning Activities)

A. Review upon proper and common nouns.

* Give examples of a common noun and its corresponding appropriate noun.

W. Motivation (Group dynamics)

1 ) Solve the following word riddles

noon lazy


eg eggs egg ggs

gs eggseg

bana na



2 . Synonyms COMPARED TO Antonyms

In 5 minutes the group can write an antonym – synonym or perhaps vice versa of names of ideas, thoughts or characteristics as many as they will.

3. Area code of troubles

Define this

1 . eclipse

2 . positive outlook

3. scourge

4. shoal

5. gaggle

C. Presentation

Use stand chart: Provide the antonym & synonym from the following summary nouns. Synonym| Abstract noun| Antonym

adore, like| love| hate

harshness, brutality| cruelty| kindness

sadness, grief| sadness| happiness

lovely, attractiveness | beauty| unpleasant

D. Discussion (Grammar Points)

a. Tangible nouns

2. Nouns which can be seen, carressed, heard or smelled

* Ex. college, relatives, parents and friends

b. Summary nouns

* Labels of concepts, feelings or qualities that contain no physical existence even more general categories/ names of men and women, places and things. c. Subject – Verb agreement on abstract/ common subjective

* When subjective noun is utilized as a subject in a sentence in your essay it is just 1 idea and is therefore singular and will make use of the s type of verb or perhaps will use linking or copulative verbs. * When two or more abstract nouns are used as being a subjects in a sentence, there are lots of ideas being expressed plus they are therefore multiple and will employ corresponding action-word that agrees its subject. d. Group nouns

* Name someone, things or animals

5. Usually regarded as singular mainly because it describes 1 unit or possibly a collective * It simply becomes plural when it refers to members from the crew considered as someone. E. Exercise

1 ) Read the incomplete sentences. Employing context hints from every single sentence plus the given words on the blanks choose the best fuzy noun to complete every sentence ( Textbook l. 7, items C). installment payments on your Write the finest collective noun to describe the group being a unit. Textbook p. several, items D).

F. Generalization

e. Generate sentences using correct ordinaire terms of a certain group as being a unit.. n. Construct a sentence using an abstract/ concrete noun.

G. Application

g. Choose the action-word that should the actual abstract or perhaps the collective subjective. ( Textbook p. almost eight, items E). IV. Analysis

A. Determine and underline the abstract/ concrete adjective in the phrases, write AN if it is an abstract noun and CN if it is concrete noun inside the space supplied before the number.

_______1. Appreciate is a various splendored issue.

_______2. The faith cures your sadness.

_______3. Our family members and friends will go to the orphanage about Monday.

_______4. These fruits are for the visitors.

_______5. He had to haveВ patienceВ as he anxiously waited in the extended line.

W. Verbal Analogy: Give the lacking word to complete the comparison.

1 . Colony: Ants:: _______: Caterpillars

installment payments on your Bouquet: Plants:: Cache: ____________

3. Pride: _________:: Start: Leopards

4. _______: lamb:: Drove: Horses

5. Organization: ________:: ________:...