M1 Unit 7

 M1 Product 7 Dissertation

M1: assess the biomedical and socio-medical models of health: Biomedical: The biomedical model of medicine has existed since the mid-nineteenth century because the main model utilized by physicians in diagnosing disorders. It has four core factors. According to the biomedical model, health constitutes the liberty from disease, pain, or defect, consequently making the conventional human state " healthy". The model's focus on the physical techniques, such as the pathology, the biochemistry and biology and the physiology of a disease, does not take into account the role of social factors or individual subjectivity. As opposed to the bio-psychosocial model, the biomedical unit does not consider diagnosis (that will impact treatment of the patient) as the result of a negotiation between doctor and patient. The biomedical model of health focuses on purely biological factors, and excludes internal, environmental, and social influences. It is thought to be the leading modern day way for healthcare professionals to diagnose and treat a disorder in most European countries Strengths:

It is target and dependant on rigorous clinical testing, for that reason people are more likely to trust this It's primarily based ‘sound' scientific judgement

It is handled by highly trained doctors and physicians

Medicine can help increase life-expectancy and play a role in general good health and wellbeing Provide private hospitals where individuals can receive intensive treatment and support It continue to be find new treatments to tackle complicated medical illnesses It can provide a very fast and effective means of diagnosis and treating disease and health problems It helps to market confidence and trust in the medical occupation Weaknesses:

It discredits all other varieties of medical procedures and concours Doctors become ‘gate keepers' defining what is health and ill-health It neglects the environmental reasons for ill-health

Most Traditional western medicine just offers ‘temporary relief' rather than long term remedy for the sickness There is a risk of Latrogenis in hospitals job of Ivan Illich (institutions of contemporary American culture and the effects for the provenance and practice of education, treatments, work, strength use, travel, and economical development. ) The pressure to meet targets and deadlines and in some cases also to increase earnings can challenge patient care Medical treatment can be very expensive, particularly in countries with no Welfare Express e. g. USA That undermines the capability of individuals to care for their own health and wellbeing Socio-medical: The Socio-medical model of health is likewise another approach to health and sick health. They may be more likely to check out what makes a person suffer from sickness. They are more concerned about the environment and the life-style of an specific and they concentrate more on how to prevent every person from catching the disease if you have disease predominance in the world. Overall, they may be more concerned about the public health and how they can stop individual by disease frequency in the area. Strengths:

This recognises that ill-health is usually not simply the result of medical problems Tries to showcase a ‘holistic approach' to health and ill-health It may be far better that the bio-medical model of wellness e. g. improving housing, sanitation, diet plan and nutrition has helped to improve the typical of overall health within the populace It recognises that despites its benefits, the bio-medical model are unable to solve or cure ‘all medical complications Focuses on the different needs of the disabled, helping to tackle limitations to disability and offering and allowing environment for those with afflictions. Focuses on the environmental conditions plus the link to ill-health e. g. the quality of surroundings Weaknesses:

Certainly not based on medical judgment or perhaps rigorous testing, which can lead to a lack of rely upon its capacity to treat health issues The social issues are often difficult to solve

It undermines the importance of bio-medical methods and the contribution that...

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