Mangrove Reforestation

 Mangrove Reforestation Essay

Part A- Concept Take note

I. CANDIDATE and Lovers

Name of the applicant:

Nationality of the applicant and time of


Legal position:

Partners in the implementation:

Sibutu LGUs, Tawi-Tawi Provincial

Gov't, NGOs, Detras, BFAR, DENR

and local organization group

Applicant's contact details with regards to this action

Nota address

Phone number: Country code + town code

& number

Mobile phone: Country code + quantity


Fernkopie number: Nation code + city code +


Contact person for this actions

Contact person's e-mail treat

E-mail talk about of the corporation

Website with the organization

1 ) Summary from the action


Mark Anthony Kong

[email protected] org

Title of the action:

Reforestation of Sibutu Mangrove Area

Location(s) of the actions:

- stipulate country(ies) that could benefit from

the action

Total duration of the action (months):

Sibutu, Tawi-Tawi, Philippines

Time of end of actions

Total qualified cost of the action (A) in


Volume requested from Global

Chances Fund (GOF) through

Strategic Programme Finance (SPF) in U. KВЈ

% of total suitable cost of action (B/A times


Aims of the actions

August 2011

200, 500. 00

Final beneficiaries

Estimated results

Key activities

two years

180, 000. 00


Conserve and restore mangrove forest

environment through composing and

applying an permitting local

authorities policy on mangrove

therapy and protection

Farmer Groups and their


10 hectares of full-grown mangroves

Preparing, capacity building, provision

of propagules for the 12 hectares

reforestation area, and regular


2 . Description of the action

Background to the preparation from the action:

Mangrove forests will be one of the most productive and biodiversity wetlands on earth. Yet, these kinds of unique coastal tropical jungles are among the most threatened home in the world vanishing more quickly than inland tropical rainforests, and so far, with little community notice. Inside the Philippines, figure reveals an increasing declined of this mangrove of around 50% beginning 1920 to 2000 caused by rapid expansion of brackishwater pond tradition business (see. SEAFDEC report).

In Sikulan, one of the helped areas of PDAP-PRIME project on sustainable seaweeds agriculture, related threat of total annihilation of it is mangroves attributed to the lack of open public awareness within the overexploitation due to its growing industry demand: fire wood, thatch to get houses and particularly as pole for the seaweeds farms where most the populace derived almost all of its cash flow. If properly managed, these types of mangroves can offer more evenly


significant benefits such as sanctuary pertaining to the various ocean species, sustainability of poles materials pertaining to the seaweeds farms and also help guard coastal areas from upcoming TIDAL DUNES, as observed during the TSUNAMI especially that the area is characterized by their flat soft sand surface exactly where only mangrove is protecting against it from eroding a greater distance away to its nearby Indonesian border. Hence, a great expansion and conservation of mangrove forests has a multi importance and life supporting benefits pertaining to the marine-ecosystem, the the fishing industry and the pastoralist communities generally speaking in this particular part of the world. Describe the objectives of the action:

This project will promote the conservation and rehabilitation of the 10 acres mangrove areas in Sibutu, Tawi-Tawi by simply assisting municipal LGUs with the participation of other stakeholders (NGOs/POs, additional relevant authorities agencies) inside the crafting as well as the eventual execution of a community policy that is certainly intended to safeguard and improve mangrove growth in the municipality of Sibutu particularly in Sikulan and its two various other neighboring areas.

Describe the main element stakeholder organizations, their thinking towards the action and any consultation undertaken with them:

In Sept. 2010 2006, the Provincial Govt of Tawi-Tawi hosted the very first...