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Term Project Period 1


Course: Rules of marketing

Instructor: S. Meters. Saeed

Group Members:

Ali Raza Ismail

Taha Hasan

Syed Sohaib Ali

Engro Foods

Engro Foods is one of the biggest and fastest developing conglomerates in Pakistan with a vision to cater to regional needs with products contouring to global standards. Engro Foods Limited was officially launched as being a fully owned or operated subsidiary of Engro in 2004. Employing dairy as being a stepping stone to enter in the food organization, the Company has built state-of-the-art finalizing units in Sukkur and Sahiwal, along with an ice cream development facility in Sahiwal. Top quality brands like Olper's, Olwell, Tarang, Omore and Owsum have been successfully launched beneath the helm of Company's dairy products. To support these brands and their highest requirements of top quality, Engro Food has used heavily in milk processing and milk collection system. With a great acquisition of Al Safa – a fast growing and founded Halal various meats brand – Engro Foods is now venturing into North American market beginning from Halal Foods category. The newest organization, Engro Foods Canada Ltd. having a subsidiary Engro Foods UNITED STATES, LLC, hopes to aggressively grow the business enterprise in this market. Product: OMORÉ Ice Cream�

Omore is among the most famous designs of Pakistan. Omore is the simply product which includes captured this kind of a vast customer market in a really little time. The brand name OMORÉ continues to be well established since 2009. OMORÉ has a completely automatic ice cream manufacturing facility, and has a creation capacity capable of producing a lot more than 4. your five million liters of dairy ice cream 12 months.   Omoré has become a household name across Pakistan.

Web marketing strategy

Engro Foods are employing different approaches at the same time to achieve market share also to create appear image of the items and company in the minds of the shoppers. The company can be adopting flowing strategies. Market Penetration (Olper and Omore)

Product Development (Omang Lassi and Olfrute)

Marketplace Development ( Targeting nearly all regions in Pakistan)

Promoting Mix


1 . Brand: OMORÉ

installment payments on your Product Selection: A wide range of dairy products ice products and frosty desserts a few. Quality: High quality ice cream abundant with calcium which can be fresh every time 4. Design: Includes ice popsicles, Chocó bar and Dairy ice-cream cones. five. Features: Made out of fresh milk and cream and loaded with nutrition 6. Products: Frooze ice popcicles, Nutty/ Caramel Cones, Strawberry/Mango/Vanilla Affair, Kulfi, Lick a Flavor and Frooze Cups of. 7. The labels: High quality and eye catching product packaging. Packaging color ranges via red, blue, yellow, lemon and green. Packaging is definitely colorful in order to attract kids. 8. Sizes: Sizes contain 1ltr and half liter for milk Milk. Tamponnement bars & soft provide ice cream happen to be of different sizes. 9. Service: Satisfying the dessert demands of the populace in the greatest manner and delivering quality every time to the consumer 15. Warranty: None what so ever.

11. Returns: Only in the case when product is expired.

Selling price

List Value: Price differs for different glaciers creams.


Price range

1 ) Frooze

Rs 5-20

installment payments on your Impulse

Rs 20-50

several. Take-Home

Rs 100-275

Omore was launched by applying the price penetration strategy to capture significant market share, grow sales and gain profit. With this strategy that they positioned Omore for " More intended for less” that is premium quality your favorite ice cream at affordable price. In just few weeks Omore had made product sales of Rs. 10 millionon 76000 lt. They quickly captured an important market share; consequently they started to do competitive pricing. Now the price of the competitor (Walls) is more or less precisely the same and price of litre ice products is less than Wall surfaces which is a wonderful strategy. Omore offers a 16% perimeter to retail traders and shop owners which are somewhat lower than Surfaces, who give a margin of 20% to buy keepers. They can be new available in the market and do not have...