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Thesis(What you wish to say regarding the topic)| IN THE PRODUCT OWNER OF VENICE, LOVE IS USUALLY ACCOMPANIED UNFAITHFULNESS AND IS NOT REALLY IN ITS THE CASE FORM. | First proof of thesis(This will be the topic phrase for body system paragraph A single, thus what you are going to confirm in your initial body paragraph)| PORTIA AND BASSANIO OBVIOUSLY " LOVE” EACH OTHER, NEVERTHELESS THEY BOTH PRESENT THAT APPRECIATE IS NOT REALLY THE TOP GOAL. | Second proof of thesis(Topic sentence intended for body passage #2)| SHYLOCK IS OFTEN SEEN DISPLAYING HIS NATURAL LIKE FOR HIS DAUGHTER JESSICA WITH DAMAGE BECAUSE OF HER BETRAYAL. SHE ALSO CRITISIZES HER FATHER AND HIS LIFESTYLE, IN SPITE OF LOVING HIM. | Third proof of thesis(Topic sentence for body passage #3)| REGARDLESS OF THE FACT THAT LANCELOT AND JESSICA " TRULY LOVE” EACH OTHER, THEIR TAKE PLEASURE IN HAS MANY OBSTACLES AND HIDDEN DIFFICULTIES. | Quotations to get body paragraph 1| Site

1)PORTIAYes, yes, it was Bassanio; as I think, he was so called. NERISSATrue, madam: he, of all the guys that ever my unreasonable eyes thought about, was the finest deserving a good lady. PORTIAI remember him well, and i also remember him worthy of thy praise. (PORTIA FOR THE FIRST TIME IS TALKING ABOUT BASSANIO, AND RATHER THAN STATING IT AS A FEMALE IN APPRECIATE SHE SAYS THAT IN A ‘OH YES HIM' KIND OF WAY)| 1 . installment payments on your 13| 2) PORTIAI hope you, tarry: pause a couple days

Before you hazard; for, in selecting wrong,

I actually lose your enterprise: therefore bear awhile.

There's something informs me, but it is not like,

I would certainly not lose you; and you find out yourself,

Hate counsels not really in such a top quality.

But lest you should not understand me well, --

And yet a first hath not any tongue nevertheless thought, --

I would detain you below some month or two

Before you venture to me. I could educate you on

How to choose correct, but I am then simply forsworn;

Therefore will I under no circumstances be: so may you miss me personally;

But if you are doing, you'll make me wish a sin,

Which i had been forsworn. Beshrew your eyes,

They have o'erlook'd me and divided...