Motivation System for Manufacturing Unit Workers

 Motivation Plan for Manufacturing facility Workers Dissertation

Manufacturing unit personnel are the frontline workers in a manufacturing sector. A developing industry contains any businesses that convert raw materials in finished goods or element products, and others that convert or build component items into finished products. Determination on the other hand are internal and external factors that activate desire and energy that individuals to be constantly interested in and committed to employment, role, or subject, and to exert persistent effort in attaining a target. Motivation may be the energizer of behavior and mother of action. Employees within an organization are a key resource. They will account for a tremendous role in achieving the goals of the corporation. The efficiency and success of employees, to a large extent, has a significant impact on the growth and performance within an corporation. In order to assure the employees to work constantly with the achievement of company goals, motivation then is key in influencing the behavior and morale of employees. There are several theories of motivation plus they include: Maslow's theory of needs, McGregor's theory times and theory Y, Herzberg‘s two aspect theory, reinforcement theory, goal setting theory electronic. t. c For this newspaper, I will love to present it as a case study situation, wherever I are the consultant that developed and helped implement a motivation techniques for product workers of any manufacturing manufacturer in Nigeria. Case study- unit employees motivation system.

Initial situation

Eleganza limited Nigeria, a medium-size stainless steel factory in Nigeria, experienced no genuine system in place to recognize or perhaps reward employees. The result not simply affected the factory's effectiveness and production but as well contributed to an absence of commitment on the part of workers, which usually led to large absenteeism and high yield rates. Since the factory's general supervisor put it, " morale was low, and there was a general show of indifference” on the part of the factory's staff....

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