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Rated Assignments

Unit 1 Task 1: Setting up Server Functions with a Group File

Course Objectives and Learning Outcomes

In this assignment, you can evaluate the right way to perform post-installation tasks, such as the installation of tasks with Storage space Manager and how to create set files to deal with administrative tasks.

Assignment Requirements

Evaluate the following scenario:

Following careful consideration, it had been decided by the corporate THIS team that in order to enhance security and lower your attack surface, Home windows 2008 Machine Core can be installed on a grouping of your servers. However , a couple of roles must be installed on the server, plus your Senior Officer is unfamiliar with installing jobs on a Machine Core machine. Use notepad to create a group file to put in the following roles: DHCP, DNS, Print Companies and Hyper-V.


1 . What does the /w switch do? Why is it employed?

2 . What switch is utilized to remove a task?

3. Precisely what is the control to start the DHCP Storage space service?

some. What command word is used to configure a DNS sector?

Suggested Resources:

Server Main Installation Choice Getting Started Guideline - http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc753802(WS.10).aspx

Required Assets

Internet access

Submitter Requirements

Complete a notepad file that will successfully install each of the roles mentioned. Save the file making use of the name Functions. bat. Print out the record out and submit this. In a distinct word record answer the questions above. Unit 2 Assignment one particular: Identifying CODE Tags

Course Goals and Learning Outcomes

From this assignment, you can expect to identify HTML tags.

Project Requirements

Evaluate the following situation:

In order to test your IIS storage space implementation you choose to create a test web site using HTML. Your Senior Officer suggests you familiarize yourself with some basic HTML tags before you begin. Using the links listed below and Internet research, list the consumption for each from the HTML tags in the desk below.




1 . What would be the syntax for producing " Hi there World” in bold and italics? installment payments on your How might you set the background color of your page to black? three or more. How will you center the text " Hello there World” on your own page? 5. How do you make the graphic C: \Images\MyImage. jpg display on your site?

Suggested Assets:

W3Schools HTML CODE Tutorial -- http://www.w3schools.com/html/default.asp Webmonkey. com CODE Cheat Piece - http://www.webmonkey.com/2010/02/html_cheatsheet/ Required Assets

Internet access

Submission Requirements

Submit the completed table.

Answer the queries in a 1-page Microsoft Expression document; double-spaced; 12-pt. Times New Roman font. Report all sources used.

Device 3 Assignment 1: Deciding on Port Checking Software

Course Goals and Learning Outcomes

From this assignment, you will explain the goal of port deciphering and select port checking software to boost server reliability.

Project Requirements

Evaluate the following situation:

In order to test out server protection your Mature Administrator offers assigned one to run interface scanning software to analyze machines and secureness. Search the world wide web for and choose slot scanning software to apply on your network.


1 . Precisely what is port checking?

2 . Precisely what is the goal of interface scanning?

a few. Would you favor an open supply or exclusive port deciphering software? 5. What dock scanning software program would you suggest to your Senior Administrator? Make clear why.

Recommended Resources:

NMAP. Org - http://nmap.org/

Tenable Network Protection - http://www.tenable.com/

Required Resources

Internet access...