Part of Produce Media incompatible Resolution: a Comparative Examine of Daily Dawn & Jang Magazines Regarding the Issue of Lal Masjid

 Role of Print Media in Conflict Resolution: a Comparison Study of Daily Dawn  Jang Newspapers Regarding the Issue of Lal Masjid

Role Of Print Mass media In Conflict Resolution: A Comparative Study Of Daily Dawn & Jang Newspapers About the Issue Of Lal Masjid


Session: 2006 to 2008


Doctor Anjum Zia






This research conventional paper investigates " the function of Daily Dawn and Daily Jang with reference to conflict resolution in case of Lal Masjid”. The study applied a social sciences methodology using content analysis technique to assess the data. The study generates a strong body of initial advice about the role of print mass media in inter-state conflicts. An overall total of 302 news tales from the entrance and again page and 32 editorials and content notes of two guides were reviewed across an interval of 8 months( Jan2007 to Aug2007). The exercise comprised of quantitative analysis of news stories to assess the treatment of conflicts.

The exploration was carried out by keeping in view the main targets of the study i. elizabeth. to measure the coverage, role and treatment analysis. The hypothesis of the study was " British press played a significant role for calm resolution of Lal Masjid conflict instead of Urdu Press. ”

Studies revealed that printing media played its part in increasing the strength of discord and could certainly not build advantageous public view for peaceful resolution of Lal Masjid issue and both magazines have given minimum protection to the reports items that positively supported the matter. Print multimedia gave intensive coverage nevertheless way of publication was not confident, rather it is often negative or neutral more often than not. But Daily Jang gave more adverse coverage when compared with Daily Start which remained neutral usually. Overall the study confirms the researcher's hypothesis statements i actually. e. " English press played a significant role intended for peaceful image resolution of Lal Masjid issue as compared to Urdu Press Urdu Press. ” The study as well identified couple of areas for future analysts and made recommendation for improvement.


Napoleon genuinely observed: " Four inhospitable newspapers will be more to be terrifying than a thousands of bayonets. ” Abid Massod Tehami(1997) quotations " Papers are a vital and essential medium of communication within a free contemporary society. It shows different problems and helps in resolving those issues. Press plays an essential role in informing, helping and instructing the public thoughts and opinions, forming and protecting the national beliefs and individual freedom”. In respect to S. A. Kapoor the press can cultivate political outlook and can help out with consolidating general public opinion. Is it doesn't public thoughts and opinions that can make a decision about the greatest shape the political or social setup is to consider. Press in subtle method makes the persons think and behave in a particular approach (S. A. Kapoor, 1972). C. Youthful agrees that both printing and digital media plays a part in conflict escalation, either directly or indirectly. He observes that mass media focus oftentimes is picky and situations such as challenges or bombings receive more coverage (C. Young, 1991). Farroq Rana (1995) explained that after Community War –II, the media have emerged as the most tactical weapon of war. Particularly the media of newspapers and radio have already been effectively employed by the opponent countries. And in the latest past, dish antenna has additionally become an essential tool in the media war technology. Nevertheless the fact remains that regardless of video service available on the mini display screen, television offers proved ineffective in most developing countries while on the in contrast, in several countries print mass media have been far better. Robert Karl Manoff suggests that at times of conflict, multimedia can on its own reframe concerns to make the discord more tractable, which in turn, allows the functions in reframing issues and formulating likely solutions (Robert Karl Manoff, 2002). This kind of study analyses the " Role of print multimedia in conflict resolution in case of Lal Masjid”. This can be a...

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