Personal growth paper

 Personal progress paper

Personal Progress Paper Pt. 2

At the start of the term I would have not thought that I would learn as much has I have about the several diversity teams we have with this country. There are many things we talked about this kind of semester that we have never also heard of just before. Coming to the conclusion of this term I can admit I have learned so much and have a completely fresh understanding of prejudice on the diverse diversity teams we have in america.

When we 1st started the semester we all began by talking about definition of race, racial, and discrimination. Going in I think I knew about everything there was clearly to know regarding this subject but it turned out there was clearly a lot i didn't find out. This subject was this kind of important beginning our yr because all of those points relate to almost everything we discussed all year. You have to have a definite understanding of race, racial, and elegance before you can go into understanding the several types of diversity teams and how those things relate to everything we talked about.

The next susceptible to discuss was cultural competence and emotional trauma. This is also very important since you need to have a knowledge of these two before aiming to help people of various cultural. People have different ways of dealing with everything, and you have to make certain you value that. Once talking about this subject I actually received an entire new group of things to consider when helping people of different ethnicities. I have individuals people of different cultures my whole life teaching swim lessons and looking again I saw some things that I did right and some things We definitely could have done better. Now I know starting a profession exactly where all I'll be performing is supporting people of various cultures I have a better understanding of how I can make them to the most of my capacity. Understanding psychological trauma is also very important because you never know what a person may well have gone...