Phisical Directory and evaluation

 Phisical Register and evaluation Essay

Gross Motor Expertise – 5 years old


Not Yet Capable

Functioning Towards

Not really Observed

Walk on the line with Balance

Walk about Tip-toes

Use one-handed tools and equipment

Equilibrium on one leg for a few seconds

Hop on one ft .

Fold at the midsection with knees extended to pick up an object

Show understanding of space of themselves and more

Can operate without dropping

Can make a sharp corner when


Can chuck a ball or subject

Can capture a ball or subject

Go in reverse and side by side as well as forwards

Jump of the object and land properly

Can punch a ball

Can drive a Tricycle expertly

Can easily swing

Prevent dangerous place and products

Go back and sideways as well as forward

Hop of an thing and land appropriately

May run up and down stairways, one ft . per step

Gross Motor Skills – 5 years old


Not as yet Able

Working Towards

Not Observed

Walk on a series

Can easily balance on a single leg for over 10 seconds

Can harmony on one feet with forearms folded

May hop 2-3m forwards on each foot

Can skip about both feet

Can miss on alternate feet

Can use Climbing Shape

Can proper grip strongly once climbing

Can throw a ball or object overhead

Can easily catch a bounced ball

Can conquer a ball to a concentrate on

Can play ball games

Can use a slide

Can jump over or perhaps onto low object

Can move rhythmically to music

Interested in doing tricks just like standing on mind, performing boogie steps

Can easily ride a motorcycle with stabilizers

Can get

May jump over basics

Fine Engine Skills – 4 years of age


Not as yet Able

Working Towards

Not Noticed

Can hold a pad in a ranger grip

Great control of the use of pencil

Build a Tower system with more than 12 Blocks

Posts a large needle and sews

Can forms letters

Feeds on skilfully with a spoon and fork

Takes in recognisable guy with head, trunk, thighs, arms and features.

Colours images neatly, staying within sets out

Takes in a well-known house

May forms designs and things out of clay or perhaps play money, sometimes individual and creature figures

Can easily dress home (May need help with Ties/Laces/Back Buttons

Can undress (May need help with Ties/Laces/Back Buttons)

Use ICT to perform straightforward functions, including selecting a route on the TV remote control

Make use of a mouse and keyboard to interact with age-appropriate computer software

Can use scissors

Can wash/dry hands

Can easily brush tooth

Say goodbye clothes with little assistance

Can comb hair

Fine Motor Skills – your five years old

In a position

Not Yet In a position

Doing work Towards

Certainly not Observed

Is able to build complex block structures

Doing puzzles

Reproducing designs and patterns

Stringing little beads

Putting sand or perhaps liquid into small pots

Use one-handed tools and equipment

Holds and uses pencil with great control in adult style

Can make up small objects

Begins to form renowned letters

May forms words, write very own name

Can print out some words (V, Big t, H, U, X, T, A, C, U and Y)

Can sew large stitches

Can attract a house with doors

Can cut on a series continuously with scissors, in the event that sufficient practice has been provided

May draw a person with head / torso / legs and generally arms and fingers

Shades pictures nicely, staying inside outlines

Can clean face and hands

May dry encounter and hands

Usually cares for own bathroom needs

Tooth brushes teeth

Combs hair

Can trim out basic shapes

Build complex models


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