Unit 4 Ip Notes

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Unit 4 IP notes

Increased Reality: Fact Gets Better

Augmented Actuality: Reality Gets Better

1). What is the difference between virtual reality and augmented fact? Augmented fact allows for the application of real life pictures with graphics or additional effects and can use some of three significant display tactics such as head-mounted display, and spatial displays which are in a position to display graphic information on physical objects and handheld shows. Virtual reality can be generated by using a computer fun which is three dimensional in which persons can immerse themselves. (Laudon, & Laudon, 2012).

(2). How come augmented truth so appealing to marketers? Since it will make more revenue and offer buyers more insight into the market just like with property, in using a way to visually inspect the measurements and other features of the home, this will likely make the buyer more interested and and it also will give real estate company even more revenue via sales. Consumers can actually point their mobile phones at a home and acquire information on the house immediately this really is great for occupied people who are searching for the perfect residence to buy. It is additionally great for the achievements of the real estate firm not to mention more convenient and time saving (Laudon, & Laudon, 2012).

3). What makes augmented reality useful for real estate property shopping applications? It can help the realtor and the consumer in ways that will implement more revenue. As a consumer becomes even more dependent on their particular cell phones having an application like this would permit a potential customer that is usually on the go to see the various features of real estate in order to assist all of them in making a decision on if they would like to contact and receive more information regarding the house. It offers both the customer and the real estate property company an advantage on sales without losing anyone's' period. (Laudon, & Laudon, 2012). (4). Suggest some other know-how work applications for...