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Chapter 1

The challenge and

Its History




Net is a program that links million of computers collectively. It produced the computers more efficient. Pcs, as one of the most effective technology today, become a neccesity for us human beings.

This school season, Computers inside the computer lab at St James School are now connected and are in a position to access the world wide web. It allows the students to surf the net to find informations. It gives them a lot of advantages as it provides them a lot of references that will help them with their very own Hands-on actions. These hands-on activities are executed during computer classes simply, it's like their seatworks during coputer class. Subsequently, this progress is certainly not thoroughly effective. The installation of internets in computer class makes way towards the students to gain access to the different SNSs through the internet.

This research aims to show how effective the installation of web connection is. Which the internet connection, during computer classes of the third year students of St . David Academy, enhances their abilities. It also will help them in minimalizing their very own work also it gives them a whole lot of recommendations in their hands-on activities.


This analyze aims to examine the significance of using internet connections during computer system classes of the Junior Students of St . James, especially, it looks for to answer the next questions:

1 ) What is the profile in the respondents in terms of:

1 . 1 . Gender: Man and Female

1 ) 2 . Age group: 15 - 16

2 . What can your internet connection provide to the Junior students? 3. How some of them use the internet intended for computer class purposes simply? 4. Precisely what is the relationship involving the Hands-on actions of the Jr students plus the usage of internet during Pc classes? 5. Are the personal computers in the Laptop Lab. effective in terms of the usage of internet?


This study assumes that:

1 . The respondents will answer the questionnaires and rate the value and effectiveness of internet connection during computer classes. 2 . The students can cite their perception on the usage of internet as a learning tool. 3. The study will prove that this progress is really powerful.


University Administration/Faculty – The study could make teachers appreciate how their learners see the net as a learning resource. As authors of knowledge at school, they can carry out ways in order to promote internet usage. Regarding the school administrators, this examine can refer to things in order to improve items concerning the institution computer laboratory.

Students –The students can become more aware of the internet connections that were provided by the school. Therefore, this can help these people cite points on how this new development will help them in their studies along with enhancing their capabilities.

Parents – Parents will be trained on how their children use internet as a learning resource. With this kind of, they can understand that this new technology is very effective when it comes to proving youngsters a wide ability of recommendations.

Future Research workers – The data presented is going to serve as helpful information for upcoming researchers to be aware of things with regards to the internet. This may also support discuss the brand new developments online and advancements in learning employing different study tools.


This examine will concentrate on the usage of the net as an effective new technology for the Younger students of St . James Senior high high school academics year 2012-2013 from January to March 2013.

You will see 100 respondents, 20 via each section namely St Pius, St . John, San Lorenzo Ruiz, Mother Francisca and St Agnes. The said amount comprises the 50 percent from the total Younger high school...