Psychosocial Analysis on Good Will Hunting

 Psychosocial Analysis on Very good Will Hunting Essay

Psychological Assessment great Will Hunting

December summer, 2011

Identifying Information

Can Hunting is known as a 20 year-old Caucasian men of Irish decent. This individual turned twenty one before the time he was ended from remedy. He was usually casually dressed in slacks, or jeans and t-shirt or short sleeves shirt like the majority of youths or teenagers. Though he had handful of clothes because evidenced by the fact that this individual wore similar two or three apparel to all his therapy classes, his clothes were constantly clean. Referral Source

He was referred to therapy by the juvenile court system.

Presenting Trouble

Will Hunting had anger issues and was very oppositional to authority figures. He as well had abandonment issues. Having been arrested intended for fighting and beating up another young man who this individual went to elementary school with. By his the courtroom appearance, having been mandated to go to therapy 2 times a week by judge and also required to are accountable to Professor Lambeau once a week. Great the Problem

Can Hunting a new history of invasion, grand fraud, resisting arrest, mayhem, impersonating an official and physical abuse by one of his foster father since teenage years. He was imprisoned for assault two times in 1993, plus more than 2 times in 95. He as well had anger problems. Prior Counseling Encounter

Will Hunting was mandated to attend therapy by the child court program. He saw five experienced therapist with which he did not connect, ahead of seeing Sean Maguire. He terminated himself from a few of his past therapy lessons. Two of his therapists walked out on him. Will accused his 1st therapist penalized gay and sabotaged his second therapy by pretending to be hypnotized. Relatives Background

Is going to Hunting is definitely an orphan. He lived in several foster homes since a child. Will was physically abused by among his engender fathers. There was clearly no reference to his neurological family. Having been institutionalized for some of his childhood years. He talked of his three buddies as being his family. Personal History

Can Hunting was abandoned by simply his parents, institutionalized since a child, and was abused as a child by one among his promote fathers. He's very clever and very good at memorizing information. He had go through and kept in mind facts via history and law books. He was good at resolving difficult statistical problems while evidenced by simply his ability to solve math problems that learners at MIT could not solve or that took the Professor several years to solve. Work Experience and Work Record

Will Hunting worked being a janitor at MIT. This individual got this job through his parole officer. He was required by judge to work and failure to do this would cause his incarceration. Will Hunting was a development worker in a short time, and this individual also performed as a car mechanic. This individual has a great quitting his job after a few weeks. This individual also was inconsistent with attendance. Housing

Will Hunting lived in a sparsely furnished apartment home in a poor neighborhood in South Boston. He as well lived in several foster homes as a child. Health background

Will Hunting had a history of physical maltreatment as evidenced by the marks that this individual reported to acquire sustained by cigarette can burn by his foster daddy. He as well had marks from getting stabbed in street combats. No additional medical challenges were reported. However , he reported that he exercised and performed bench presses. Mental Well being History

He saw five therapists ahead of seeing Mitch Maguire. We do not know whether Will was in treatment since a child. Substance Abuse and Abuse Record

Will Hunting drank and smoked cigarettes although he was beneath the legal grow older. He did not abuse any one, but he himself was physically mistreated as a child. Cultural History

He can of Irish working class background.

Spiritual techniques and Faith

Will Hunting did not speak about religion, yet he used a crucifix necklace. Because he is Irish, it is likely that he could be catholic. Support Networks that exacerbate or impede coping and or resolution. Will Hunting had three close friends that both...

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