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This really is a research done by a last year undergrad in Teachers of Rules, University of Colombo in order to gather details in planning an individual record. This opinions the public opinion as to the politics, social and cultural issues faced by Tamils in post-war areas and the political prisoners kept in detention camps. Make sure you highlight/ underline/ bold the answer of your choice. Usually do not select multiple answers. Choose only one.

If you think you have more than one answer to select, please point out it beneath the option ‘other'. If you have a completely different solution to any of the query, feel free to intricate. 1 . Please mention the,


Gender- male


Occupation(if a great undergraduate, point out the academic year)- After O/Ls 2 . Do you consider the Tamil political criminals kept in detention camps should be released? (yes/no) 3. If not any, why?

They are a risk to the national security

They should be rehabilitated extensively

They are former LTTE associates, so all of us can't trust them

They should face the consequences of what ever they did to us Other- (please mention)

4. Do you know the content of the Prevention of Terrorism Action no . forty eight of 1979? (yes/no) five. If yes, do you consider it should be repealed? (yes/no)

6th. If it really should not be repealed, how come?

LTTE may well rise once again

The Work helps to decrease the number of criminal offenses

Criminals and terrorists ought not to be allowed to take advantage of the fundamental privileges Other- (please mention)

six. Should the federal government withdraw the army makes in the North and Eastern Provinces? (yes/no) 8. In the event that no, why?

Because the LTTE might climb again

Because it will endanger the national security

Those in those areas needs to be strictly monitored

People are used to it. It would certainly not cause a more harm your army forces continued to be there. The government might lose the support of the majority on the general selection Other-

9. If your response to question number 7 can be yes, then simply why?

It heavily...