Reflective Article 2014

 Reflective Composition 2014


Taylor Byrne


Junior Reflective Essay

24 April 2014

Reflective Essay

My name is Taylor swift, I'm a junior at Murrieta Mesa High School. Over the last 3 years we have learned a whole lot and i have been completely involved with various school activities. Being included on campus is a interest of my own. I have joined dances, basketball games and Pep Rally's. I have produced the effort to attend with the many school heart. This year My spouse and i finally made it into the Management club. No longer only may i have the most school soul, I can inspire others to do this as well.

School has always been difficult for me and high school is not a different. Learning is tough for me, because I have a lot of learning problems. I have were required to try a little harder, target a little more and devote additional time to my studies to keep up with most of the teens my era, for some reason I have learned to overcome and thrive even with my afflictions. Classes in high school are a little scary personally because of my own learning problems, but i took hard classes, questioned myself and succeeded. I actually took the classes that, at the beginning of the entire year I said " not a way can I perform this” and ended up passing with A's in these classes.


Murrieta Mesa provides helped me older and grow into the dude I want to be. Certain encounters have required me for taking a profound breath and move forward. My spouse and i came from a small Charter school with forty eighth graders and was plopped proper melting weed of 4 hundred plus youngsters my junior year. Overpowering is the phrase i would use to describe this, but then I actually met a few friends and things became a little simpler, I likewise met some good teachers. I thought of educators like the stereotypical " not really cool” aged people, that just don't understand, but then quickly realized just how wrong i used to be. I discovered that the is myself growing up, and now I will relate to instructors on a different level. To name a few, Mrs. White-colored, who is ever present for me, regardless of what, with her...