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The cluster model for conducting Learning Examine for minimal subjects in schools. By Yiu-chi TEGUL and Tak-wah WONG

Office of Math concepts, Science, Sociable Sciences and Technology The Hong Kong Company of Education


We can observe that " Learning Study” becomes increasingly more popular in Hong Kong. Various educators consent that it can help to make instructing and learning more effective which is a feasible way for staff development. Yet , due to limited resources, most colleges can only begin their studies from key subjects like languages and arithmetic. As a result, we could hardly find adequate sources for topics involving fewer teachers within a school. In fact , we know very little about the procedure and the benefits for doing Learning Analyze for small subjects in schools. With this paper, all of us used an instance study upon junior kind Computer Literacy to explore and highlight the difficulties encountered in the research. Really is endless we can share our experience in making use of the cluster version for executing Learning Examine for minor subjects with teachers.


In recent years, a lot of new initiatives have been launched in colleges in Hong Kong,

for illustrations, learning to master, project learning, life-long learning, using IT in

education. Yet , the outcomes of all new initiatives are debatable and

challenging to observe in real class room. Lo (2004) concluded that those educational

reforms only have small substantial results on students' learning. Underneath these

conditions, there is a demand for shifting primary on genuine classroom practice.

We can notice that " Learning Study” becomes more and more well-known in Hong

Kong. Various educators consent that it will help you to make instructing and learning more

successful and is a feasible way for staff advancement.

What is Learning Study?

" Learning Study” is the Hk version of " Lesson Study” (Lo, 2004). In Hong

Kong, Leaning Analyze has obtained huge support from the govt and turns into a

powerful opportinity for improving teaching and learning in the classroom and staff

advancement. Learning study was first brought to two main schools and a

total of twenty-nine learning studies were designed for different matters in several

subjects regions of Chinese language, math, general studies, and British

language in three educational years (2000/2001, 2001/2002, 2002/2003). Learning

Research attracted support from numerous funding options. Through the Quality Education

Finance supported Second Teaching, Evaluation and Mentoring Project (STEM) of

the Hong Kong Commence of Education,

five Key Learning Areas at supplementary level: mathematics, science, technology,

physical education, arts. An ongoing government-supported study

" Variance for the Improvement of Teaching and Learning” (2004-07), of the Hong

Kong Commence of Education will support 120 Learning Studies by both principal and

secondary levels as a whole. (Lo ou al, 2006 ). Lesson Study is a kind of Action Exploration.

Lo, Pong and Ko (2005) explained that the idea of " Learning Study” arises from and

is usually inspired by the tradition of Chinese and Japanese educators in conducting systematic

and in-depth investigations into their individual lessons. Nevertheless , they also pointed out that

Learning Examine is different then Lesson Research as explained by Stingler and Hiebert

(1999). In fact , it is grounded on the theory of different versions (Marton & Booth, 1997).

Learning Research have been accomplished in

Conceptual Framework of Learning Research

By examining the theoretical underpinnings of Learning Research, we will certainly understand

why it should be differentiated from the Japan Lesson Research. Lo, Pong and Ko

(2005) argued that the primary focus of Learning Study is on an subject of learning, the

Theory of Variant is used as being a guide to accomplish the object of learning, employing

appropriate instructing methods. In fact , Lo (2004) also pointed out...

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