Sample Concerns Mid Term

 Sample Queries Mid Term Essay

CGMS200- Sample mid-term inquiries

1 . Moreover to initiative and self-control, career achievement today likewise requires: a) Continuous learning

b) Aggressiveness

c) Competitiveness

d) A solid sense of tradition

e) Assertiveness

Ans: A

2 . An suggestions measure of the resource price associated with target accomplishment is known as _________. a) performance productivity

b) productivity

c) return on Investment

d) performance success

e) value creation

Ans: A

3. A well-known organization executive goes to jail because of not revealing your own financial affinity for a project that will significantly advantage company earnings. This executive's action is definitely an example of __________. a) business social responsibility

b) opportunistic behaviour

c) violating bureaucratic ethics

d) adhering to company policies

e) dishonesty

Ans: C

four. Which from the following effectively describes an open system? a) An open system is used to reveal and exchange information throughout organizational boundaries. b) A system is a collection of subsystems that are not connected to the external environment. c) An open strategy is one of many devices that have a positive impact on staff satisfaction. d) An open system interacts with the external environment in a regular process of transforming resource inputs into product outputs by means of finished goods and/or solutions. e) An open system goodies its personnel as a significant asset.

Ans: D

5. Henry Mintzberg identified a set of roles that managers carry out. These jobs are grouped into which in turn of the following three classes? a) Social, strategic, and decisional.

b) Strategic, informational, and authoritarian.

c) Interpersonal, informational, and decisional.

d) Supervisory, severe, and decisional.

e) Organization, informational, and strategic.

Ans: C

6th. A __________ occurs when ever actual functionality is less than preferred performance. a) Performance issue.

b) Functionality deficiency.

c) Performance...