Sanctuary Essay


Many persons say the bathroom is there completely happy place, and I would go along with them to some degree. My completely happy place, or perhaps as I call it up sanctuary, is out there within the bathroom. It is the large, egg layer white colored, straightener claw ft . tub. This kind of luxurious heaven, wrapped in cool porcelain, is the a single place in my residence that melts my stress aside when I i am in that. A long bathe in the bathtub, is what I believe to be a treatment for almost anything. It is the first place I set you back when I need to close me off from the world. While relaxing in its warm, soothing marine environments I immediately feel in peace. The bedroom is dimly lit, with the flickering of the candles, which appear to represent darkness dancers for the walls. As the tepid water envelops my skin area, I feel a slight slumber fall season upon myself. I increase myself in the tub as well as the aroma offers transported myself to staying in a discipline of lavender. At this point each of the days' problems have been swept away and i also am flying on a cloud of comfort, never wanting to return. While on my impair of no worries, in the background, I am able to hear the hum of mellow music. The melodic tone from the music brings me somewhat back to actuality, however I am even now in a hypnotic trance of pleasure. Taking in the romantic ambiance in the candles, the velvety warmness of the water and the ease at which my figure feels. At times there can be the annoyance in the neighbor's doggie yapping or maybe the blaring horns of autos stuck in traffic, but I never let that disturb me for lengthy. I just lay down back and tune in to the crackling of the wax lights flames as if someone was snapping a twig. All the noises I actually hear in the bathtub, apart from the yapping dog and infrequent horn, contribute to my serine surroundings. Because my eyes happen to be closed and I hang onto just about every note in the song playing, I begin to smell the freshness of the floral bath salts. The perfumed water is now like silk in the delicate skin. The smell of vanilla is present through the candles lit around the bath room. Infused...